Australian Politics, Mark II


The news on Twitter is that one of the directors of Paladin has recently been arrested by Indonesian police for money laundering…

They also have buisness links to atleast 1 Liberal Member and also the Reinhardt family.


That’s a joke right? Did that actually go to print?


Also are we talking about this yet? This is THE BEST


“I sincerely apologise for this very unfortunate photo taken as I demonstrated how my stomach felt after scrambled eggs reacted w yogurt I had just eaten.”

After seeing that photo she expects us to believe that… I’M IN TEARS!!! :rofl:


It’s the most laughable explanation ever. So good.

The best thing about the article is that it gives you the explanation before it shows you the photo - and then the photo was sooooo much better than I could have possibly hoped for. 10/10


To be fair though, the company is registered to a beach shack on Kangaroo Island and to a post box in Singapore. These things don’t come cheap you know.

You have to love good governance and well thought out procurement rules which operate at the federal level of government.

edit: I forgot the best bit, they get a cash advance of $10M to get them started as they couldn’t finance that themselves, not being able to finance the start of a contract would normally raise red flags and should be a show stopper.


Particularly when the minister denies all knowledge of it.

What worried me most was the talk of them building their church. I hope they’re not trying to convert Muslims, because that’s a capital crime in Islamic law. Maybe we should extradite them to Saudi Arabia or Bahrain.


No joke.


That’s insane


And I additionally read this post first, and it was still an 11/10.


Ipsos poll showing tightening to 51-49.

Who are Ipsos?


Pretty sure they are Fairfax’s pollsters.


Nine’s pollsters then.

Probably ring up people straight after Married at First Sight and ask for their opinion.

ie people who should be struck off the electoral roll.


Galaxy poll in QLD only had Labor 52-48, with the NLP losing 3% since the last poll.


Even the most ardent Liberal supporters such as myself don’t believe those figures. The best thing for the country would be to hand back the keys early and let Billy boy and his crew get an early start on trying to fix this mess up


The narrative on criminals in offshore detention is wearing a bit thin. Do we deny medical treatment to any other criminals currently in Australia? I bet Mokbel is getting the best treatments available while under guard.



I’m honestly surprised no one in the Lib/Nat coalition has suggested asylum seekers should be forced to work on rural farms and stations whilst they are processed.

Nothing could be more Strayan than a bit of indentured servititude of migrants


The fact that Roman “Ve vill see you papers now, schweinhund!” Quaedvlieg is now trying to act the principled and dutiful professional about asylum seekers is sickening. Partly because it says that he knew exactly what goes on at Manus and Nauru and is trying to get in early to exonerate himself before the eventual inevitable Royal Commission, and partly because the media is faithfully lapping it up without ever asking ‘well, if the system is so fkg bad, why did you build it that way, ■■■■■■■■?’


Sadly there will never be one as both parties have blood on their hands - I’m certain we will see bipartisanship posturing on this issue.