Australian Politics, Mark II


Oh it won’t happen soon. Both major parties have a small mountain of scum swept under their collective rugs, and none of the current generation of pollies will touch it with a barge pole. But in 20 years, who knows? It took a long time to get a proper investigation into the Stolen Generation too, but it happened eventually.


I find his insights fascinating. He’s exceptionally smart and has a wonderful turn of phrase.


I’d be inclined to think there will be an international investigation into it somewhere down the line


I wouldn’t totally ignore those figures Ace, they had to poll some people to get them. It wouldn’t surprise me if they got a few up my way to change their tune based on the events of the last week. I also know a lot around Townsville are pretty ■■■■■■ off at labor right now and those polls could be the fall out from that really


The QLD poll showed a shift towards Labor.

The Ipsos was federal, … and I wouldn’t trust it as far as I could throw it…IIRC, this is the one that is always out of step with ALL the rest, and always leaning more towards the Squibs for some reason, … :thinking:


Hmmm, reminds me of another bipartisan-supported colossal failing of justice with severe consequences for many people associated with our club.


Quaedvlieg ( a Dutch name) knows how the system works. He was involved in implementing government policy. He also knows where the bodies are buried.


While it was a state poll, it also looked at federal voting intentions.
I’d say mr Potato head is a dead man walking.


Why are all the state governments counting e-cigarettes under the tobacco laws all of a sudden, there is no tobacco in them?

I’ve never seen such an effective quit method get so heavily lobbied against, what gives?


Because they don’t know how safe they are, particularly long term, and no tobacco, but lots of nicotine.


Odd that Johnson and Johnson don’t have an issue with their NRT products, though, isn’t it?


While true enough, they are mostly looking at ex-smokers when calculating risks which is also fraught with danger.

My wife used one to get off cigs and never used nicotine in it. Patches and vape when need to busy hands.


I don’t have an opinion either way. When I stopped smoking, I just stopped. When I stopped smoking pot, I just stopped. I don’t really understand using crutches to do it. But if it works, and it’s safe, go for it.


No me neither - just pointing out the mine field of trying to diagnose ex or current smokers post using vapes.

You are a fking stubborn ■■■■■■■ though. So that helps.


There is very compelling evidence to suggest that their risks are minimal and especially when compared to smoking a far safer option. Pretty much every other country in the civilised world is actually promoting it as an effective quitting method. Royal Collage of Physicians findings. New Zealand is heavily for it as well.

I smell a rat here.


Many who take up vaping don’t want to quit the nicotine, just the smoking of it.


AFP raids AWU because of suspicion that AWU destroying evidence.
Advisor in Cash’s office destroys evidence, forestalling AFP inquiry into leaks.
Has no-one asked De Garis for clarification of the contents and recipients of the emails he deleted?


That in itself is a problem. Nicotine, outside of use in tobacco products and approved nicotine replacement products, is a prohibited poison.


Well there isn’t really, as not a hell of a lot of research has been done. And almost zero long term research.


There has been tonnes of research, obviously long term hasn’t been done because it hasn’t been around very long