Australian Politics, Mark II


Just saw this happen on Insiders, near choked on my Coffee laughing.

How embarrassment. :smile:


Society for more Coal Energy

or Smoce.

I still think the Naked Gun 2 1/2 is a documentary to the Libs.


More discussion to add to the vaping talk from the other day.


Had the same discussion with a group on Friday night. Some said that they vote on policy and not who are Leader or Ministers.

I suggested that if Australians voted on policy, then we would have a Labor Government and a Greens Opposition. No-one disagreed.


@benfti i thought of you


Is that affordable power, fair dinkum energy?


Yup, Fair dinkum Aussie energy mate.

Go Sharkies!! :+1:


Satire is dead


Libs taking a hit in the latest polls, proud of Aussies today not buying into their bullshit scare tactics


I understand what it takes to have a successful marriage’: Nationals leader slaps down Barnaby Joyce

That’s cold…
Going to do wonders for party unity.


Barnaby is on the outer especially after his comments regarding the coalition, it was an easy dig at him and I enjoyed immensely


Imagine my surprise.


I almost agree with you…


Julie Bishop’s preferred ‘moderate’ successor for the seat of Curtin received 1x vote from the pre-selection committee. The conservative’s preferred candidate got most of the other votes.

The coalition will say that they have elected a strong female candidate and will use her as a prop in their ‘we’re not anti female’ charade but this selection shouldn’t come as a surprise as the party lurches further to the right (former professor at Notre Dame University) and because slapping J Bishop seems to be the sport of choice for her former colleagues.

1x vote. And this is after she received only 11x votes in the vote for the PM job after Turnbull was knifed. And out of those 11x votes, none came from her WA colleagues. Not one.

If J Bishop hadn’t earned a living by denying victims of CSR compensation, you’d feel a little sorry for her. And how tone deaf are the LNP? A hard core Catholic lawyer no less for the bluest of Western Australian blue ribbon seats.


The Tories could put any dill in that seat and they would get voted in. They could put anyone else in and still not get mine.


There will be a high-profile conservative-leaning female independent announcing her candidacy for that seat very very soon, one would think.


Liberal Party - Death by a Thousand Cuts.


You missed an “n”.



And if so, she will have ZERO chance of getting elected.

Unless Julie renounces her habits of a lifetime and stands up for principle, endorsing such a candidate.

Even then, there is no chance of her getting up. Jule’s own candidate got ~2% of the preselection committee’s vote. All the rusted on Tories will go the same way in the election.