Australian Politics, Mark II


Then you would be wrong. The only blokes I worship wear a black jumper with a red sash.

I respect most politicians, but none are heroes to me. Say whatever you like about Bill, he will either be PM after May 18th or fade away into the rubbish bin of failed candidates.

The real issue I have with Assange and Wikileaks is that they do not care who they hurt or destroy in this mythical search for “truth”. Instead of standing up for his actions, Assange has hidden in a room in London with a cat, acting strangely. Even the USA will have to give him a fair public trial, and the same would apply in Sweden on the assault charges. Seems more of a coward in that respect.


Good grief, man.


He ran away from facing rape charges. No hero in my book.


Even though I cant even…

Did you want to mention that the sexual assault allegations have been dropped?


Investigation was discontinued in 2017. Investigation is being resumed.


Because I made an assumption on I what I read here. You introduced the word ‘hero’ to this discussion and see how irritating it is to be white anted by a simple word when you’re trying to examine something that isn’t simple. Of course Assange isn’t a hero, but he isn’t a villain either, not as far as is known. As has been pointed out the stuff he was doing freelance is now an in house govt industry employing thousands and operating out of most sovereign nations. He and his world of warcraft mates just showed them how to do it better.


Please tell me you’re not naive enough to think that this hasn’t been a politically motivated smear campaign? The original investigation was dropped with the chief prosecutor stating that no crime had been committed at all only to be reopened by Marianne Ny who has obstructed justice.

If the investigation has been reopened again, then it just confirms what a farce it’s been.


FFS :rofl:

Do you know what district his charges are assigned to? The EDVA (Eastern District of Virginia) - i.e. the home of the CIA, if he ever sets foot on U.S soil he’s cooked and we’ll never see his face or hear from him again.


Face the charges in a court of law.


They were dropped because Swedish authorities saw no path to bringing him to Sweden. The alleged victim has said she is looking to have the case taken up again, not sure if that is possible or not.


Statute of limitation is August 2020 i think.


No. From John Pilger

For five weeks, Assange waited in Sweden for the renewed “rape investigation” to take its course. The Guardian was then on the brink of publishing the Iraq “War Logs”, based on WikiLeaks’ disclosures, which Assange was to oversee in London.

Finally, he was allowed to leave. As soon as he had left, Marianne Ny issued a European Arrest Warrant and an Interpol “red alert” normally used for terrorists and dangerous criminals.

Assange attended a police station in London, was duly arrested and spent ten days in Wandsworth Prison, in solitary confinement. Released on £340,000 bail, he was electronically tagged, required to report to police daily and placed under virtual house arrest while his case began its long journey to the Supreme Court.

He still had not been charged with any offence. His lawyers repeated his offer to be questioned in London, by video or personally, pointing out that Marianne Ny had given him permission to leave Sweden. They suggested a special facility at Scotland Yard commonly used by the Swedish and other European authorities for that purpose. She refused.

And the women

When she announced last week that she was dropping the Assange case, she made no mention of the evidence that would destroy it. One of the SMS messages makes clear that one of the women did not want any charges brought against Assange, “but the police were keen on getting a hold on him”. She was “shocked” when they arrested him because she only “wanted him to take [an HIV] test”. She “did not want to accuse JA of anything” and “it was the police who made up the charges”. In a witness statement, she is quoted as saying that she had been “railroaded by police and others around her”.

Neither woman claimed she had been raped. Indeed, both denied they were raped and one of them has since tweeted, “I have not been raped.” The women were manipulated by police - whatever their lawyers might say now. Certainly, they, too, are the victims of this sinister saga.


Yeah, he’s basically Lenin. You should love him.


So real reason Liberals arent rushing for 50% electric car target like Labor is the fuel excise, as they realise more electric cars, will leave a fossil sized hole in the budget :slight_smile:


When I search for “John Pilger” and “Assange Case Dropped” I find an interview which includes the Marianne Ny quote I am referring to. It is, at the least, the official reason.

One alleged victim’s lawyer has said that they are looking to re-open the case. An official request has been lodged.

Neither are really comments on the merits, one way or the other.


Who is basically Lenin ?


I agree, Assange is a narcissist but come on, those sexual assault chargers were as obvious a stitch up as Eddies fake parent as a means to speed up extradition and diminish his public support. I can’t believe anyone fell for that. Wow.


I’m amazed people here even after the Saga fall for this type of propaganda. It’s so blatant yet people get caught time and time again no matter how obvious it is. Smearing and deligitamising dissenters is the oldest play in the book by the powerful.


I was reacting to two people saying they couldn’t read the tweet because it had been deleted.


Not sure that Labor has come up with a plan, but there would be lots of modelling at the international and domestic level. iIRC, tobacco excise is now bringing in more than fuel excise.