Australian Politics, Mark II




We do have a separate thread dedicated solely to everybody’s favourite Witcher cosplayer


You could see a situation not too far in the future, where fuel, tobacco and alcohol excises would be based on a reduced market.


I love the Witcher games and books. Hopeful if not quite optimistic about the forthcoming NetFlix series.


There is a plan Big A, but looking so far ahead for a budget is just not feasible.


You have no evidence that that is correct, just another of your conspiracy theories.


You watch too much TV. If Jules does get moved to USA, it will be a very public trial.



When saying that Ali France is using her disability as an excuse for not living in the electorate , Dutton remarks that there are a lot of people with a disability in Dickson. That should help one’s campaign in a marginal seat. Waiting for him to come out with comments on how well the NDIS is working.


No evidence?


Did Manning have a very public trial?


John Pilger LOL


Watch this thread on twitter.

More ‘legal’ dodginess


Wot ? Manning was in the US Army and was court martialled in an Army Court with lots of reporters present. He (now she) pleaded guilty to most charges and was found innocent of others.

Jules if he gets to USA will be in an open civilian court.

I was surprised Manning was not shot at sunrise.


The only real charge on Assange, is that he aided and abetted / educated, Manning to break a password on a Classified server.

That is a clear crime in the US, as espionage, etc.

If he did it, and he’s done for it, he will be out of circulaton for quite a while.


I do get just a little bit tired of the Labor Right. They’re like Groupers with no group to run to any more, so they’re sticking around to fugg up real Labor again.



You would have thought they’d have sorted this out by now, and made it so you have 3 or 6 months or so to sort it out afterwards, IF you win the seat.

It’s pretty harsh to ask someone to renounce their dual Citizenship before they are actually elected IMO.


Keep digging Spud man. Just keep digging.

What a detestable turd he continues to prove himself.


Third time this week i’ve agreed with @Bacchusfox.