Australian Politics, Mark II

Good post houli

At least Tone is out

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Nahhh they just take it out of the NDIS to reach surplus like someone said earlier

Hmmm, I suspect that most people here will not understand what you mean or would even recognise what that painting depicts. (Hint: they would have to do a deep follow up with references in the embedded url).

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You should have learnt that from the saga.

It’s all about the media.

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Poor Bacchus.
Out: Shorten
In: Game Show Host

You should join the ALP as an advisor, you are 100% spot on

In the public service, Queensland sugar seats and Tasmanian seats are known as the far north and the Deep South -volatile and terrifying to be working on anything to do with them during an election period. If anything Tasmania more complex, with the Launceston/Hobart divide , the lingering tensions between environmentalists and business, the erosion of State rights arising from the Franklin Dam ; together with the simple fact that, as a Founding State, Tasmania is over represented in populations terms with 5 seats in the House and 12 Senate
And, how to explain Wilkie’s surge in votes when’s the votes of other independents fell

It’s not over yet is it?

Has it lived up to your expectations Smooth?

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It’s over.

Wilkie’s easy. He read the room years ago and continues to do so. Denison is very progressive.

Shorten has conceded

Penny to take over?

I had a spirited debate over this at dinner tonight. Our guest believed that Labor planned to destroy his investments by way of removing future negative gearing opportunities and I argued that sacrificing some potential capital gains on housing investment is a small price to pay to help make housing somewhat more affordable for people seeking to take their first step toward property ownership. You know, property ownership has been good for us and has been shown historically as a sound way to build wealth whilst offering stability. He argued that ‘back in his day’ he had to pay 12% interest on his $100k loan that he got after scrimping and saving to put together a $30k deposit. I said “Well, in this day, the poor jerks who have to borrow $800k @3.8% interest after finding a deposit of over $100k would kill for a $100k loan at 12%. And that’s to afford a house at least an hour out side the CBD”. He couldn’t cop it. Said they’re all whingers who should just start in a cheaper suburb and Labor was engaging in a class war against good people like him. What was interesting is that financially, we are in a near identical situation yet see the same issue completely differently. Concerningly, he said that most people he had spoken to shared his view and that he thought the co-alition would be returned for that reason. Hard to argue against that now.


At this point bigallen I have to resort to humour. I do understand the island, and there’s a reason Scummo was on it day before the result. But very good post thanks

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The arrogance from the ALP has bitten them on the backside. To use a footy term, they expected to just break through the banner and win. Shorten simply is not an engaging enough leader, and people weren’t buying his BS.


Let the good times roll

Pocketed $750 from ScoMo getting up. I’m happy enough!

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Wilkie gets a lot of media coverage and is better known than other independents.
On the how to vote card, I would have been lucky to know of half of the 41 senate candidates.
And then some of the ones I knew of, I wanted to put them last. like Steve mav. Then you had people for Annings party and the united australia party. Jaquai Lambie network. - I actually put her higher up as she might at least get some $$ for tassie.

Hobart has all the government jobs and feel like a big city now so maybe more like a victorian seat and green vote would be higher.
Launceston - Jobs are always a issue

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