Australian Politics, Mark II


Thanks Hoffy but I think people outside the Canberra bubble may need more context on this one…


Written up less guardedly in the Guardian. It was a classsified Home Affairs document on dangerous refugees-misrepresented as an ASIO document- leaked at the time of the Medevac bill. AFP claims that unable to pin it on anyone . Suppose like Cash, MInisters can refuse to respond to AFP inquiries.
Head of ASIO disowned it.
ASIO and AFP must love working for Dutton.
Meanwhile, Pezzullo isssues a dress code to Home Affairs staff


And… +1


Lol what a load of ■■■■.

Whistleblowers go to the press because they’ve already exhausted all internal avenues of accountability and the malfeasance that they have discovered is swept under the rug by their superiors. Manning, Snowden et al all directed their concerns to their superiors and those concerns weren’t acted upon.


Settle down. I didn’t comment on the effectiveness or otherwise of these mechanisms, just noted there are some mechanisms in place.


I have no idea what motivates Manning and Snowden, but in my experience Whistleblowers are all about revenge, and they don’t give a Fark who they hurt along the way.


except if they’re union members, amirite?


Guessing bacchusfox was the ‘victim’ of a whistleblower - only thing that would explain his vehement opposition.


By and large neither do the people being whistleblown


Populism does not equal nazism. It’s just the same as the poster above who tied in ALP to Socialism and Venezuela. Honestly, these arguments are futile, on both end of the spectrum. The path they are going down/have gone down is already “dark”, that’s why they are looking to something different. Whether or not it’ll work is yet to be seen, but they’re continually being reamed, so what do they have to lose? Continually applying these extreme labels like “nazi”, “racist”, “socialist” does nothing to address the argument at all. It just drives people up the wall, because for the most part that’s not what they are at all.


tEh LeFt!!!1


Yep, our whole organisation was subjected to anonymous whistleblowers twice.

Both enquires were a waste of time and money and all were exonerated. Still don’t know who created the shitstorm either time


Yeh, nah.
Sorry BG, but you are kidding yourself.

Misplaced racism & xenophobia are at the heart of Brexit & the swing to the extreme right in parts of Europe & the US. We have people marching under Swastikas, a rise in violent hate crimes, synagogues & mosques being shot-up, ‘build the wall’, vile propaganda from sections of the media and blatant lies from politicians exploiting fear & loathing against ‘others’.

Its an ugly, effective and familiar recipe.
And it only leads to one thing.

Those D-Day heroes must be rolling in their graves.




England is full of migrants and it’s what has made their country. They’ve been overtaken many times in their history, and in fact gloat about it.
Countless monuments and historical sites are effectively honoured for their historic importance.

And, it’s quite ok for the English to impose their systems and ways on other countries.


Makes you wonder if there’s such a person as a 100% Briton left…being those there pre-Roman invasion.

They’ve had so many invaders - Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans, and immigrants from Europe, West Indies, Ireland, Indian sub-continent.


All nationalism is bogus


From the top of my head, I think the (close to) 100% Britons are in Wales or live on the border between Wales and England.


‘Many people still refer to Irish, Scottish, and Welsh as Celtic culture. The assumption has been that they were Celts who migrated from central Europe around 500BCE. Keltoi was the name given by the Ancient Greeks to a ‘barbaric’ (in their eyes) people who lived to the north of them in central Europe.’

We are all African in the end.


I’m not.
Never been there.