Australian Politics, Mark II


We’re all ingredients of the primordial soup.


Caesar kicked Celtic bum in Gaul. Check out Vercingetorix, a great Celtic warrior.

I think Celts still prevail in Brittany in France and Galicia, in the north-west of Spain above Portugal.

I wouldn’t be calling them original Britons in a hurry.


I wouldn’t say that was the end of it – Vercingetorix’s shield gave Caesar a lot of troubles later.


Except this guy from the master race…




No you dikkhead, I have never supported democracy as it gives fools like you a say.

Venezuela is a nice place, a bit farked at the moment, because USA like to interfere, but the good guy will win in the end. We always do.


Well David McBride doesn’t really stand a chance in court, does he?


What most people misunderstand is that democracy is a joke. It is something wrapped up to look like something, it is not.


I hope you aren’t counting Maduro as the good guy.


And the best part is whether you are in Spain, Venezuela or somewhere in Middle Earth you can still join us here on Blitz.


Its all in the eye of the beholder AN10.




Hmmm :thinking: chances are against that…



Yep I get tounge in cheek but no doubt you demonstrate communist/Green tendencies.

Anyway, agree on one thing that the good guy always wins. As evidenced on May 18. A joyous day.


Really, because a select group of morons have had silly marches, they now represent everyone? They are extremists, and in the case of people who carry out attacks, lunatics. They exist on all sides and will use anything to justify their beliefs and actions, same as Islamic extremists. Your average person with reason, is not capable of doing such things.

I agree with you about those headlines, but that’s media for you. They do the same when they tell their ■■■■ and bull stories to justify one American invasion after another. Unfortunately, it’s just what the media does, and it’s wrong. However I think to compare anything that’s happening now, to what happened in WWII is laughable and insulting to those who lived through it. Anyway, I suppose we’ll just agree to disagree on this one.


I said that good guys win in the end, and May 18 was just the beginning.


You prefer to see it as a popular movement against economic liberalism. But I am not so generous. The small number of morons who march under Swastikas are symptomatic of a swing to the extreme right among some working class whites. Lets call it for what it is.

After the counter-protester was killed, Trump couldn’t even bring himself to denounce the Charlotteville Unite the Right marchers (below) in case it alienated his base. What does that tell you about his base?

The current level of mainstream populist nationalism, and the racist propaganda that fuels it, was unimaginable in the West even 5 years ago. Drawing parallels with the 1930s is just stating the bleedin obvious.

I agree though that the underlying reason for all this frustration may be inequality, but blaming the migrants ain’t fixing that!

Anyway, this is the wrong thread for this (hopefully - not so sure about QLD), so let’s move on…


Now this is not directly about politics, but it tells me a lot about what is wrong with our Nation. This Surgeon is probably a very good one, but he is a sad excuse for a human being to state that he can charge what he likes for his work. People sell their homes and beg others for money so this self-proclaimed God of Surgery will save their lives.

We paid for your training to be a Doctor, Charlie.


I cannot get a read on your politics at all.


Cassidy’s last Insiders after an incredible 18 year stint.

Seeya Barry, it’s been real. :wave:


TEh LEft!1