Australian Politics, Mark II


Quite simple Wim, when it comes to universal health. Surgeons and in fact any Doctor should not be able to charge as much as they like.

No-one should have to sell their assets or crowdfunding life saving surgery. Teo may be the best, but your taxes trained him.

I would have all doctors on a salary.


There are parts of that I agree with.
Aaaaand parts I don’t.
If we’re going to have a public and a private system them surely the private system works on what the market will bear?
You might want an entirely public system, and that’s great but it’s not what we have.

As to ‘paying for their training’, that’s a whole other rabbit hole.


Then good luck getting the best to enter the field. If anything, doctors should be getting paid more than CEOS of a bank for instance. Unfortunately it’s where the values of the Western civilisation lie…


BacchusFox is a classic example of why people mistrust the ALP. Bill Shorten is another.

You just don’t know what their underlying principles are.


Back in 1973, I was the very young staffer for a Federal Minister and we present during discussions on a universal health care system. There was a proposal on the table for all doctors to become public servant at a salary equivalent to that of a High Court judge which was the Hughesy paid category of public servant, much higher than a PM.

AMA refused to even discuss it as it was “socialism”.

The costings showed even at this level universal free healthcare was achievable with full dental cover.

Doctors are glorified plumbers without the scruples.


Principles are all clear, all written down, you just want to believe the Tory lies.

Look at the facts of economic management, LNP suck, Labor rules, but you believe the opposite.

Some minds will never change, or just love denial.


We do have a mixed system, and the private side should go. One system totally public, would mean Universal Health care at less cost and better service.

Look at the system in USA as an example of how a mixed system fails completely.


Probably why I voted Labor the other week.

But essentially, I feel disenfranchised.


I don’t agree on many things with BF but he atleast has clear principles and I doubt anyone’s views align 100% to either party.
I vote LNP but there are many things I don’t agree with them on and I do agree with some Labor policies but could never vote for them


I agree with you in some sense, it is a rarity for me to meet a doctor that I actually like. Some of the doctors I’ve met in my profession have been some of the most self righteous and arrogant ■■■■■■ you would ever meet. Prefer to die rather than get treatment from them.


To me, he’d be happier under a totalitarian Communist dictatorship. And I can’t cop that.

If it’s such a good system, why do they shoot people who try to leave?


Give me a curt (sorry for this but) clinical doctor every time.
And by that I don’t mean arrogant.
The difference is ‘it’ll be fine’ compared to, ‘no, that’s stupid.’

It’s the vague ones you have to watch out for.


Nope, not a Communist and I could not live in China. Nice place to a tourist though. Most Dictators are not nice people, though I am a fan of centralised total control.

I like the systems in Scandanavia , but it is too cold. I love Cuba, but it is too hot.

I will find the correct place to end my days.


China isn’t particularly Communist.


See don’t understand that line of thinking. I have voted right across the spectrum since being old enough to vote. I look at the policies, and who ever has the most I agree with and the least I disagree with gets my vote.

BF thinks I’m being disloyal.

I think it’s me talking my democratic responsibility seriously.


I’m staunch anti Union so as long as the ALP have them in their pocket I would never consider voting for them no matter how much of their policies I agree with


But even I would consider it a totalitarian dictatorship


How can anyone be anti-Union ? Without Trade Unions there would be Fark all working benefits including sick pay and holidays, and a shiteload of other things.

And you have it arseabout; Labor is the child of the Union Movement, we only exist because of them.


Unions are necessary, I agree with BF here completely. Problem with Shorten was even union people can’t stand him due to past actions. There are a lot of scumbags in unions, but one can’t deny their importance. Also he has never done anything to endear himself in his own electorate when he’s just out and about. I don’t mean he should be disturbed when he’s just going about his business or anything, but there’s a way one should carry themselves, especially as a pollie.


I have spent more time in China than most here have. IMHO it’s not at all communist, except for the name of the controlling party. Its system is centrally-controlled capitalism.