Australian Politics, Mark II


Considering their inaction on Setka, quite easily.


I must say that the continued blaming of the Australian electorate for the Labour/Green coalition election failure warms my heart.

There appears to be zero acceptance that the reason the Australian people rejected the Labour/Green coalition was that they simply did not like their horribly destructive and economically suicidal policies nor their aggressive delivery.

Fingers crossed this continues.


What a weird thing to hope that people not only stay stupid but get even stupider and act against the best interests of themselves, their country and the planet.


What is the whole John Setka kerfuffle about anyway?

What is the Rosie Batty controversy?
Does anyone have the details of his charge?

Is it something around what constitutes harrassment? Has the bar been set at something unreasonably low?


It’s not the Australian electorate.
The Australian electorate elected the ALP.
Queensland is a one-nation state and we should cut them off and say good luck with that.

LNP are in power entirely due to farkwits who vote for Hanson and Palmer.
That’s your mandate, your base, and your shame.


The LNP gained seats in NSW, SA, TAS, WA and QLD though


That is a good, but ultimately irrelevant point.
And I feel like you already know that.


You aren’t concerned that the ALP made no ground in other states?
All the talk in the lead up was of how the LNP were going to be routed and the fact is it never eventuated.


I’d love to hear why it’s Labors fault that the Economy is so sh*t.

‘The LNP is superior with managing the Economy’ is one of the biggest misconceptions in Australian politics. The last 6 years we have seen completely incompetent, unethical and irresponsibility spending, via countless untended multi billion dollar contracts, and refusal to tax large corporations.

It’s at a point that it’s bordering on corruption.


I’m not.
The ALP were adequately represented in all states bar one.

I know some expected a swing in Victoria. But, come on…why?
Totally adequately represented in Victoria. And everywhere else.
Except Palmer/Hanson/Katter/Tuckey’sville.

The other states are not the problem.
The friggin’ ALP is not the problem.


It’s well past bordering, it’s flat out corruption.


Mallee had their member resign in disgrace.
I know I’m getting off topic, but this gets me.
For the first time in a long time, the Liberals ran against them.
There was a very, very strong independent candidate.

What did Mallee do?
Overwhelmingly elect the new Nationals candidate.

You know, I’d even have had a little respect for them if they voted Liberal.
But nuh.
This electorate simply does not deserve the vote.

Edit: Oh, and here’s the kicker.
Big electorate, but here’s a map of it.
See if you can figure out just why, just maybe why, they should have not elected the same party as the last ever years.


Agree, I’ve lived in QLD the last 4 years (for 6 more days) after living in pretty much every other state except TAS over the last 15 years. I can say with absolute certainly this place is batshit crazy. I’ve met about 5 normal people since I moved here. The further north the worse it gets, I’m surprised the people up there haven’t been overthrown by wombats, pretty sure Kater is half wombat, they wouldn’t have discovered fire if it wasn’t for BIC


Why don’t we just let the Court sort that one out ?


You go for QLD in SOO so are therefore partly to blame :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yep exactly the response I’d expect and exactly proving the point of my initial post.


Could you expand on that a little?
Your point is not clear.

Edit: lol. Kidding. As if you have anything of substance to say.


Setka and his Partner had a nasty split. Some say it was violent on both sides, if so, Setka is a huge guy so it was not an even match. Others say it was all screaming and abuse, and not physical.

Setka was charged with harassment and is pleading guilty, any other charges have been dropped. His harassment seems all verbal, by text and phone, and is very bad if as reported.

It will go before a Court and he will get probation and perhaps a community order.

Allegedly he made a comment at a Union function along the lines that Rose Batty’s work has resulted in poor outcomes for men, probably in more colourful language. Union says it was taken out of context and Rose Batty was not abused, but Setka has apologised.

John is a very interesting guy. His is a very tough looking bloke and usually has other large guys with him, which can be intimidating. I know him a little and have heard him speak about his Union many times. He is passionate, eloquent and very believable. He does a great job for his Union and would cross the line in this endeavour. He is very newsworthy and is not careful with what he says, and doesn’t give a Fark what other think of him, except for his Union Members.

Until the Court case is done, there is nothing for the Union or ALP to do. They will address it after his day in Court.


The Labor Party could terminate his membership, but has not done so.

What a trash party.


LOL. You do know how the party was formed right?