Australian Politics, Mark II


Of course I do but it somehow was lost in my attempt to type whilst watching cricket.
Being a union arm prevents me from voting for them.


Hold on.

it is before the Court, any action will happen after the Court case ends.

I also just read ALP rules around grounds for terminating membership, and my view is there is no rule that covers this issue with Setka.


Not all Doctor’s are without scruples. There still are some good ones who do things many other Doctors don’t, like make house calls. Yes my Doctor makes house calls.


Agree. Can’t believe all the hate for doctors.

Plenty of very good ones out there.

Don’t like your doctor, go find another one.


Blaming and abusing the electorate rather than your own hideous policies. Climate change election lol. Exactly why the polls were wrong. People won’t respond to polls for fear of abuse.

Blaming preferences for your loss when Labour rely on batshit crazy communist (greens) preferences. Let that sink in. Outside of NT Labour lost the primary vote in every state. But you continue to blame the people and preferences, Queensland.
Labour people appear slow on the uptake but heavy on the abuse.


I’m not blaming preferences, I’m blaming Queensland for its consistent record of electing right wing nut jobs, and how far from the norm it strayed from the rest of Australia in the recent election.
And that’s really quite plain.

I didn’t mention climate change.

I did allude to the Murray-Darling system, so if you have any views on that then feel free to express them.

But pretty much nothing you’ve said has anything to do with my post.
It’s just the same broken record from you.


Come off it. That is the cornerstone of conservative policy and has been for hundreds of years.


Troll. Don’t feed it.


It is socialism.

Did you watch Front Bar last week with that brain surgeon who spent 17 years to get the highest level of qualifications so that he now performs delicate brain surgery to assist the likes of Neale Daniher etc in their fight against MND?
I’m sure he would be ecstatic to earn the same amount of money as some country bumpkin GP who has done the minimum amount of training of 6 years.


Yep it is socialism, and why the fark should your mythical surgeon care how much any other doctor gets paid ?

I can answer that myself, because he is a Fark Carlton type carnt.


A surgeon’s not a doctor

6? more years of study.


Hey this is Bacchus’ bullshit idea not mine.

No doubt he pays himself the same as the cleaners he employs to empty his rubbish bins, just to be consistent with his beliefs.

And only BF would call a surgeon who saves people’s lives a FC type carnt, what a piece of work.

He is the biggest hypocrite on here & @Mendozaaaa is one of few who calls him out on it.


Whoa Mr Clayton; we were talking about your mythical surgeon who cares more about the other blokes salary than doing his work.

And get it straight, as I recall the discussion last century, it was all about giving Doctors very high compensation for their work at the top end of the Public Service. No doubt there was scales of pay like there is in judicial system, but it was the principle that the AMA rejected.

And actually the bloke who does empty the rubbish bins in my office does get the same pay as me. The cleaners actually get more.

Maybe I am a hypocrite, as it is impossible to be a socialist, communist or even a democrat in capitalist Australia. So I am part of the system as a petty bourgeoisie small business owner, living on the toil of the worker, ripping off my customers and squirreling away my ill-gotten gains.

If you are a student of history read about the Paris Commune of 1871, this “government” only lasted ten days but it had all the facets that would work for me.


Go find a surgeon and call them a doctor. See how they take it.


Yes I know they are different everyone knows that, one trains for 6 years, the other for at least double that.
He was originally saying the surgeon should not give one shitt that they earn the same $ as a Doctor. If you agree with this assertation, then come out & say it.
Anyway he has explained himself in more detail.


It’s the only reason that ■■■■■■■ is here, to stir people up. It’s pretty obvious, yet…


I’d probably suggest that a surgeon is under far more intense day-to-day pressure, with many of their actions being immediate life or death results.

The people who seem to cop the highest fees for service are the anaesthetists. I know it’s an important part of the procedure, but my suspicion is that the surgeon’s blood pressure goes higher.

A lot of these arguments come because of hospitals charging as much as they can, and by forcibly putting post-operative patients into intensive care whether they need it or not.

I’d like to compare the salaries of hospital administrators to surgeons myself.


There are no Communist parties in the Australia Electorate.

Just because you don’t like the Greens doesn’t mean they are ‘bat sh*t crazy’ or Communists. People who vote for them actually value Human Rights and scientific evidence.

Clearly that’s something you don’t value.


There are, maybe not with elected reps, but there are socialist/communist parties that run.

Socialist Alliance definitely is.


Stephen Jolly’s lot in City ofYarra are pretty close.

My opinion is that communism can work in self-contained communities of a few hundred, or less, but more than that, self-interest will start to rear its head.