Australian Property Market

Unpaywalled Article from April last year about the spate of liquidations in QLD.

‘High-pressure crisis’: 28,000 new homes delayed as major Qld builders collapse

2024 doesn’t look promising either

Especially right now. Building materials are up 40% on pre-COVID, so you’d be paying way overs, and signing non-fixed price contracts, so could pay more by the time it’s done. Then there’s the minimum 12 months construction period, and build quality isn’t exactly world-class at the moment.

The fact that new builds are so much more expensive now than current houses, and painful to get done, is one of several reasons I can’t see the property market slowing down for some years.


Mrs Fox the Second and I had a new house built in the mid 1980s. Reputable builder who finished the house on time and on budget without any faults.

However we were not experienced and the house we got was not what we expected. Rooms felt small, lack of power points, poor insulation and it was built in the wrong part of a big block. It was never a happy place to be.

So I would never do it again, as I want to see what it is like before I buy it, and you can visit lots of display homes but they never seem to build your house like the display one.

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As much as I love the work this dude does, I feel he is one or two videos away from being sued.

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If it’s mostly code based (and he seems to measure from what little I’ve seen) can he really successfully be sued for slander?
Trespassing sure but don’t think there’s a civil tort for that right?

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It’s probably more the headline of the video for me “Preston’s worst builder”. I guess he could claim it’s just his opinion, but I agree most of what he actually says appears to be very factual and black/ white, which is why I do really respect the work he does.

And I’m pretty sure there is a civil tort of trespass, but if he’s paid by the purchaser to inspect the property then it’s a non issue of course.


This was a dramatic video but he should be ok. The title is ‘Preston’s worse build’ but he definitely upset the dodgy builder, who installed cameras at the worksite and whose brother called the police.

You could turn that video into a drinking game. Take a shot of vodka every time he says 'non-compliant!" and by the end of it you won’t have a liver left.

Their Biggest Investment Became Their Biggest Regret in Emerald QLD

Termites have really come out this summer. Theres every chance there wasnt an infection 6 months ago too.

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I’m 35, nearly 36, own (with a large mortgage) a 2brm apartment in inner Sydney. Had a chat with my boss the other day, who suggested I should aim to retire at 55 (a dream, I know), but that means I really only have 20 years left of properly working.

Was quite a scary comment. I earn a good salary, good super balance, and have managed to get on the property ladder, but I must admit I haven’t been aggressive with investing. His 20 year comment was quite confronting given the 30 year nature of most mortgages.

Safe to say I’m highly motivated to dip my toe in asap.

Trying to figure out whether I should invest in something affordable in the next 6 months (say $500-$600k) in suburban Adelaide or Perth. Or save up for a bit longer and get something a little higher grade (say $900-$1.1m) say down the Adelaide coast nearer to the water.

I assume others have been faced with that decision of go faster / smaller or slower / larger when it comes to an investment - how did you decide?

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Life is snakes and ladders. you might retire early you might retire late, you might never retire at all.

but with property its usually about a 8-10 year cycle.

What’s wrong with another 2 bedroom apartment in Sydney? if you live there your probably much more switched on to the local market. Also easy to manage, you can actually inspect it and make sure its quality stock and not some dodgy build.

Sydney’s property market is huge its not one homogeneous entity.

if your from Adelaide or lived in Perth then your probably pretty equipped to invest there. Certainly Perth is popular with the investor class but it could also be peaking and your left holding the baby. Perth is a market thats really beholden to mining booms and busts. People are realising their gains there now after well 10 years plus of pain(and negative equity for some of that period for many).

Are you happily married? its the quickest way to financial success for the average person as if you have two incomes you can leverage into better property, bank will lend you more(more than one income can service the place in case someone loses a job). the flip side is divorce is the quickest way to financial disaster for the average person too. snakes and ladders.


If you are going to invest in property, we found better returns in industrial property, as not only do you get better rental returns of over 6% including payment of most outgoings like rates, land tax etc, but leases are normally 3 x3 with a CPI increase every six months. Usually building is mostly a shell so hard for a tenant to destroy, and in our case value has increased from $560k to over $800k in less than two years.

We also rent a residential unit and a fair rent gives us about 3.5% plus the outgoing costs are all ours. It will appreciate in capital value but slower than the factory.


Great advice (and BacchusFox as well).

The idea behind getting out of Sydney is more about diversification. For the next property, I’d like a house (something with land) and out of Sydney.

The Adelaide dream is more that I want something close to the beach, but also close to a major city. I’m from Melb originally and I’ve looked at Black Rock in Vic (appreciating it’s just outside the good transport links), but that’s unaffordable to me as an IP in the short term.

Conversely the Adelaide coast, 30-40 min drive from the city, it seems you can get something fairly close to the water for around $800k (plus or minus depending on the size / quality). I need to educate myself on Adelaide, but I’m seeing a lot of investment into the city, and I think overtime it will appeal to more people as they get priced out of Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

The other alternative is looking at regional areas. Some seriously good value if you’re looking for more land/value.

Cities are quickly becoming less desirable. If you don’t NEED to be close to a capital city then I understand the motivation. I guess it all depends on your lifestyle. Are you someone who hits all the latest/trendiest bars/restaurants? If not, then most small/medium regional towns will provide you with everything you need.

Ive been looking regionally lately and Im surprised at the number of homes on the market that only traded 2-3 years ago.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the migration back to the cities is in full swing. For whatever reason.

oh Sydney is incredibly expensive. I am not impressed by anything you will find under 1.5million in any residential asset class. (apartment, townhouse, house). Maybe an apartment…but geez finding one in a good location is hard.

I wouldn’t know where to look on Industrial. @Bacchusfox when investing in Industrial sites, how were you confident of securing a tenant?

I would have though commercial and industrial risky in that I would assume good tenants dont come along as often.

We have several rentals in Adelaide and surrounds and I don’t consider myself a guru in any way at all but one thing I try and do is not necessarily look at somewhere where I would live but somewhere that is hopefully going to see boom times. It can be hit and miss and I’ve offloaded some that I’d consider losses but generally it’s pretty good.
I’m kind of lucky that in the industry I’m in and the people I know I can sometimes get wind of projects early and have benefited that way by getting in early.