Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos/Matildas) (Part 2)

Oh, then whats the point of having a second tier

Disagree there,

I like the idea of a 2nd NZ team.

They will build it up for 3-5 years IMO and then bring in promotion/relegation.

Wellington will end up folding. They can’t sustain 2 teams in NZ

I can understand the owners pushing back. The majority of a league clubs are bordering on insolvency. Relegation would absolutely kill a few clubs off

Just an announcement to officially award the licence at this stage but its all done Auckland next season.

Hearing they’ll be called Auckland Black Knights and wear black and white.

Canberra not far off ethier but thats easier just attach a Mens team to the Women’s one.

Mission accomplished but geez that was painful to watch. Real scrappy and disjointed performance and just couldn’t get going

Went easy on them.

Sam Kerr with a hat trick this morning in Chelsea’s 4-1 win over Paris FC in the champions league group stage

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Should call them Auckland Athletic as an homage to the Oakland Athletics baseball team, who will be relocating to Las Vegas. (The home of the Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL team owned by the new Auckland owner.)

Game in Ballarat looks like a state league match. Great look for football in this country

Western United need to be stripped of their license

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The problem with the A league, it’s not visible at all. I use to flick onto ch10 on Saturday night last year occasionally, now i don’t see it anywhere on fta.


Sickening that they won it last year, absolute stain on the competition along with Macarthur. ■■■■ both of them off already

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I used to watch every MVFC game on Foxtel, plus other A-League games, and then EPL games when I could and the occasional Italian/Spanish/French/German/Scottish game.
Now… nothing.

Sometimes by complete accident I’ll notice that a Melbourne Victory game just started on 10 Bold or whatever.


5-0 thrashing in a freindly that’s just plain embrassing by the Matildas

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They we’re on the back foot the whole 90mins too