Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)

Chile and Paraguay wont be a walk in the park, Chile came 4th at the 2019 COPA America and have a strong side, will be lucky to get a point out of that group. Perhaps against Bolivia

Of course they’re no mugs, but Chile and Paraguay are the level of sides we can beat.

Look at who these sides have played recently. They’ve lost/dropped points to Honduras & Qatar respectively. They’re gettable.

We need to scrap like mongrels against Uruguay & Argos, and try and beat the other 3.

Top 4 go through, so 2 wins and a draw should do it.
Then hope like anything we don’t run into Brazil or Colombia.

Stranger things have happened but I can’t see them getting out of that group.
Either way it’ll be a chance to come up against some decent sides and not the mediocre sides (with the exception of 2-3 teams) the Aussies face in Asia.

4 go through from each group.
So 6, 7 points should do it.

Bolivia just don’t win away from home - and only won 1 of their last 10 odd games. we should bank the 3 points there. Win one out of Chile and Paraguay. It’s no sure thing, but it’s definitely doable.

I get that, I just don’t see them getting any points against Chile and Paraguay. Anyhow time will tell

Socceroos and Bolivia the 2 teams to miss out on progressing in my opinion

Chile beat Argentina reasonably regularly. You’d have thought Operation Condor would have brought them together.

And we always want Paraguay to win. That uber-fan stunner knows how to celebrate.


Can Kurz ■■■■ off already

Not sure today’s loss falls entirely on him. You played them off the park today but were sunk by some quality finishing by Berisha. Victory had more than enough good scoring chances but couldn’t find the net.
United were the opposite today as the Jets dominated us and could only score once and then conceded 2 goals they shouldn’t have.

City 3 nil up and in the space of minutes give away 2 penalties for goals and have a man sent off.

Football, dont ever change.

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Just typical city. We look great for a while then just capitulate and try to hang on


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Bizarre end…

Im with @Stallion now.

■■■■ VAR

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Rojas <3

Kurz sacked!!!


Was coming,

Tactically inept.

Didn’t take long, yet took too long at the same time

They must be worried about tix sales and game day attendances. I’m a 5 game GA and normally don’t have access to the Aust Day game. Got an email yesterday saying that i now can, without an extra ccharge.

Think this has been on the cards for awhile, there was speculation a few weeks back that Viduka was looking at managing in the A-League so perhaps the Victory will go down that path?

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