Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)



As I always say …


Relieved. Only word i have right now


Milligan saying we know what we are capable of…fark off ive seen what your capable of and its very ordinary

now lets roll out how good the Asian teams are…seriously Syria hasn’t played at home for 7 years…

last time I checked we were Asian champions…how did that happen!!!


We really are an ordinary team.


Alright now back to the Stringer thread.


Im gunna go smash Syria 10 zip on fifa 18


not with any Australian team lol


Don’t want to ■■■■ on a 36 yo Cahill, but I reckon the Frank Arok/Eddie Thomson teams would ■■■■ on this one. Not a heap talent but they were hard and they would’ve considered this an easy route to the WC compared to the old Oceania/South America.

Kudos to Leckie, a couple others tonight and the Syrians.


Correct we used to intimidate other countries with our physical style pressure…now adays the type of player we have lack substance and that hard cutting edge players/teams that represent Australia are feared for.

we are an ordinary team like it or not but the echo chamber will tell you we are kings of asia…now tell me again did that really happen!


Even the golden generation had hardness.


Ange is quitting after the next round of matches. Won’t coach at World Cup if we make it


should of quit after the Asian cup…

Say goodbye to 3 at the back…the downturn of the team is no coincidence !


Watching this team reminds me of watching the Dons through the 2000’s. Continually underperforms against lower teams and have to depend on an ageing star (Hird) to always get us out of the ■■■■.


Chile in deep strife now, have dropped from auto qualifying to play off spot to on the verge of elimination


Solution: Tim Cahill - player/coach


Actually a smart move by Posty

If we miss qualification he’s out. If we qualify and get whipped (highly likely) his credibility and employment prospects post are damaged.

Qualify them for the cup, and get out while his reputation is still somewhat intact.


Throw the sink at Ancelotti


Wow! Is he available?


Just got sacked from Bayern Munich, not sure what he is doing but I’d be enquiring