Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Rumours are that Vidal has now retired from international duties - he declared it after losing to Paraguay (most likely in the heat of the moment)


I feel your pain. When England missed out on the euro’s in 2008 I was ropeable. At least you have seen them win some silverware, all I have seen is rubbish tournament after tournament


United score in the 88th and 92nd minute to beat the Roar 2-1 in Brisbane




Lia with 2 crackers from outside the box and United now 2-1 up.


2-2 a fair result in the end


Yep. You’d take that


Despite the corrupts FFA’s best United win through to the final 2-1


Everton in serious danger of being relegated…


4 from 4 baby

Never seen us look so organised as a team, especially the defence

To go hang on and not concede and get the 3 points after having a man sent off was very pleasing. We would of drawn that or even lost that last season


I didn’t see much of the last game, but yeah like you said to win and go a man down and probably be on the wrong end of possession and other stats is great. Always good to beat that pi55ant, inbred hick team and to do it away was even better.

Now if only Monsieur Wenger could get Arsenal to win without playing the flashy stuff or necessarily being the better side would be awesome.


Couldn’t get there tonight but from all reports we played pretty well but just couldn’t score. The midweek cup game in Sydney wasn’t ideal either as a few players were pretty banged up


You guys started really well. And the whole second half you dominated possession and chances just couldn’t get the break through. The guy who was playing on the left kept on crossing it straight to eugene


Hope Cahill is right to go for the Honduras game, didn’t look good


Won’t travel IMO.
Save him for the return leg


Shock Horror Australia disadvantaged by a FIFA ruling that is different for opponents Honduras!

Hard to believe I know…


Just does not make sense
■■■■■■ FIFA


What the hell!! That’s beyond a joke


Saw Timmy at the airport this morning. Really struggling to walk


Local Honduras newspapers have published the teams hotel location, training location and dates. Pretty poor form

Hope we kill them off in the first leg