Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Regularly is voted as the worst place in the World to travel. Travelling sides often complain about their hotel having rocks thrown through windows and fans running amok outside the hotel until all hours


Thankfully all yellow cards are rescinded for the Aussies as well. Hondurans won’t be happy given their weekend boast


As long as his neck is still between his head and shoulders then we are ok.


Is there a more dislikeable player in A-League than Mark Milligan? Just seems a niggly, sniping pr*ck.

Been watching the last 15 minutes of Victory vs Wanderers and lucky not to be the second Victory player sent off.

Naturally, Muscat is upset that they’ve had about 6 yellow cards. Playing like he played himself.

Lucky that Thomas saved a penalty and they’re only 1-0 done.


I like Mark Milligan.




Weather for San Pedro Sula Saturday morning 9am Melbourne time is 28 C, 70% chance of rain + 84% humidity. Humidity, heavy pitch, crowd and different game style will be the Socceroos biggest challenges. Here’s hoping they do well?


Key will be starting well. If we can get an away goal that could be vital


Knowing us we’ll lose 4-1 or something.


That would be a disaster given that sort of thrashing hasn’t happened in a meaningful (qualification) game under Ange


Greeks flogged by the Croats in the first leg :grinning:


Kerem Bulut


Pieces of fkn sh*t Italians, I’ll be lucky to have one team to support at the World Cup.


Getting nervous

How loud that honduras crowd?


How was that not off side?

Amazing tackle saves us


Looked about 2 meters offside to me!




Their forwards are so quick they are running psst our defenders easily


Good to see Luongo out there, why hasn’t he been getting minutes. (Genuine Q)


We could get absolutely flogged here. Don’t look great.