Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


This is one of the roughest games I’ve ever witnessed. Should have been at least 2 yellows and a red in the first ten minutes.

Smart not to play Robbie Kruse. He would literally get snapped in half this game.


The ground looks horrid.


I think the crowd noises are fake???


They don’t give you too many looks at the offside decisions.


I rewinded my foxtel and he was miles onside…


I wouldn’t be back passing too often on this pitch. Likely to get a bobble and embarrassing moment for the keeper.


What about the Honduras one at the start? Miles offside?


only turned on at the 15 min mark sorry


Looks like a cow paddock


Get the roller out at the break, please.


Only passing interest, but it sounds like a nil-all draw would be a decent result under these conditions?


Make sure your wearing screw-in boots today boys!


Half time

Can’t believe Juric missed that

Pitch is one of the worst I have seen

Overall we have performed very well in very tough conditions


The pitch is terrible but we seem to be playing it better than them.


I don’t think Honduras have the quality to do much damage anyway. Especially on this pitch


Major sponsor is qantas and they have to get a commercial flight home.

Just give them their own plane.


Wish there was a dislike button😩


Had to score there dammit


Damn huge chance missed there ■■■■


Farking hell thought this was on tonight and only just tuned in.