Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


REf has been good I reckon, but those linesman are pretty suspect if you ask me.


This is not the first time I’ve been astonished at the pitch condition during this WC Qual campaign, FIFA should be reamed for letting matches be played on such terrible turf. The cow paddock out the back of my place would be a better venue!.


I’m just shattered that the Dutch didn’t qualify. They’ve gotten into consistent pattern of not making it, 4 years later finish in the final 4, then not make it again.


ponytail is no good.


The only thing missing from this tie is Simon Hill commentating the game 70’s/80’s style via telephone.

Nick that late away goal boys. Come on!


At 0-0 nearing the 75th minute, do we chase the away goal or settle for 0-0? Throw rogic on Now?

Thanks for the answer Ange


Honduras don’t look like scoring. Might as well try and grab a goal.

I’m more nervous about our ability to score winning goals in good conditions.


That was awful from Mooy.


His crosses have been off today


Let off. Hadve squared that Ryan had no chance.


You sure that’s the case?


Tired, scrappy last 5 minutes. Danger time now.


The Lowry’s own their own jets.

There is no way the Socceroos would be flying commercially.


Yep - dodged a bullet there. Think it’s time to close shop.


That’s what they said in the commentary.

Apparently some of the players have to sit in cattle class.

That’s a long trip back to Australia(via LA) and couldn’t help with recovery.


They were talking about Honduras players.

Socceroos have a private charter


Oh ok.

Missed that.


Very flat footed now


Dangerous free kick to concede late.


Over cooked yet another one.