Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Mr Legacy got a free business class trip at least.


Does the ‘H’ stand for heroin?


Well hopefully we can score at home sigh.


Happy with a 0-0 result but gee i thought we played better if only juric had taken one of those chances


Forgot the games were on this morning, thought they were on later.

Very dangerous results. 0-0 looks OK, but any score gives Honduras a big advantage. They will annoy/defend the socceroos to build pressure.

Italy losing 1-0 to the Swedes is going to be tough to get back from. If the scores from those games were swapped to our advantage it would be great.

The stage is set. Can almost feel the massive fail on the way for both return games and taste the disappointment already?!


Bumped into Cahill at Melbourne Airport Sunday and he was coming out of the Qantas first class lounge. Him and his entourage were flying Qantas via LA


I’ve got to be honest, I’ll still be quite underwhelmed about this group even making the WC. I can’t see them being anything other than dire to watch against sharp opposition and picked apart. Perhaps the main thing making me want them to qualify for the next round, is sheer incentive and benefits. Also Timehh, he deserves to bow out internationally on the biggest stage.

A lot can change in 8 months, it could happen after winning the home leg?


As much as I want us to qualify it’s an absolute travesty if we qualify and the likes of Italy miss out


I’m assuming most of the players would be flying in to Honduras from different parts of the world. So they’re not going to provide individual private flights to each player.

The Socceroos have a private charter flight from Honduras to Sydney. While Honduras are flying commercially. That’s one thing we have learned from Gus Hiddink. Get out of that country asap, and pay the money for a private flight home.


That was a great result, after being hyped up I don’t think Honduras are really that amazing, I haven’t watched much of them, but certainly Uragauy were a much better opposition a decade ago.

Honestly what a pathetic pitch, that one that Juric missed on the run if you watch before the kick at goal the ball rolled and then popped up just before he kicked it, absolute ■■■■ hole of a ground. You’d see better grounds at the local park.

Basically if we’re good enough we’ll win and we’ll deserve it. Yes we’ll get flogged at the World Cup but it’s more about exposure and hoping the kids watch and want to play the sport and grow into class footballers. Couldn’t care less if better countries don’t make it, that’s the way the cookies crumble.


Honduras are sh*t. I missed the first 20 minutes but they had only 1x genuine attempt on goal from then on. Even with the advantage of hosting the 1st encounter and only have to travel once they cocked it right up. Australia will kill them dead 3-0 in the return match.


Thought that was our best performance in ages.
Don’t get the negativity.
Of course it would be great if we could put the ball in the back of the net but today wasn’t through a lack of trying.
If anything I’m more positive than ever after that performance and reckon we could be competitive against several nations in a World Cup.


Having played on some really terrible football pitches, ie. mud, dirt, almost no grass.

You simply cannot play a style of game that is consistent. The ball is so in predictable. You can’t rely on a possession game because a basic “trap & pass” can go very wrong.

Your left at just trying to hack the ball towards a team mate and hoping he can do something with it. It’s a terrible way to play. In some ways it’s probably good we could escape an away leg without any negative result.


In the minority there. Would be great if they miss out so everyone else can have a good laugh at their expense! Have they ever missed out on qualifying for the world cup?


Fark Italia and fark Carlton


Yes they have, 60 years ago was the last


It may be that we aren’t that deserving…but, after today’s match…Honduras look even less so.

PS. Screw Italy. 2006 still burns.


take it easy old man




My sentiments exactly.

I felt we actually weren’t too bad but lacked polish. This was a stadium American keeper Brad Guzan stated was tough, where his squad had beer and missiles hurled at them. What I took from this tie (the last 30 minutes I saw) was that the Australians weren’t intimidated like Iran in ‘97 which impressed me but the Hondurans were very ordinary.