Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Is there a difference between the two?


Fark you and fark Carlton


No country has a God given right to be in the WC.


Great tucker, the rice and sagoes…are they supposed to be good at soccer too? Love the pasta and pizzas.


I guess they should have won their matches then?


Luongo needs to start on Wednesday, thought he was really good- gave us a different option out wide


They didn’t get the chance to play minnows like us. Spain and Italy were in the same group so fair chance that 1 of them has to go into the second placed playoffs. I want to see the best of the best at the World Cup not rubbish Asian or North American sides. The European confederation gets absolutely shafted


Except if you belong to a pathetic confederation like Mexico or Japan where qualification is a given.


European teams “shafted” by having half the available spots allocated to them in the ‘World’ Cup?

Maybe you should stick to the Euro Cup. Then you wouldn’t have to put up with so many minnows.


The World Cup is for the best of the best not seeing minnows. I’d boost the quota of European, South American and African sides and cut the amount of Asian and North American sides.
Wouldn’t be an Asian side that would make it out of European qualifying


So what?


Might as well just base it on the ever reliable FIFA rankings from a month or two prior to the start of the World Cup. Just put the top 32 straight in. (With an allowance for the host - WARNING: Qatar is hosting the next one - minnow alert!)
Would save everyone a lot of time and effort!


Personally I’d still have close to the current setup so that top of their groups go though but runners up from Europe and Africa plus the third placed Asian teams etc all go into a random pot and the playoffs are drawn from that. So you still could get 2 European teams drawn together or they could be drawn against teams from any of the other confederations. I’d love to see the likes of Italy, Greece etc drawn against the Socceroos or a South American side


There are plenty of awful European minnows too.

Should be left as is

Italy will make the WC as they always do. They will spank Sweden at home. Too much experience for them to fail


Got a rubbish coach so wouldn’t be surprised if they missed out.


Anyone see the fight in the south end last night?


Last exam winds up 6pm Wednesday evening, I plan on watching the second leg and getting shitfaced in the CBD.

Any ideas of good pubs to watch the game, is the Dickens still good value for that? The Celtic Club as I understand is no longer.


Are there any victory forums around anymore after closed down? Cant find one anywhere.


Some wanker in a suit, obviously from the races, started having a go at a lone security guard. Then tried to jump the fence to get at him. Right infront of 4 cops. Who took him out. ■■■■■■■ moron.


Wonder if the club will let me switch my seats. Surrounded by kids in the north end, boring as hell. (Kind of matches the game at the moment)