Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Are you in North End active?

In south end, I go wherever I want lol. Last saturdays game was a real struggle. Dunno why I renewed my seat tbh. Will just go to the Etihad games next season, I cbf’ed these days.

Muscat OOT.


I should add that he should have just been thrown out for wearing a suit anyway. What a ■■■■.


Yeah, really boring though. Last week I almost felt bad to stand because they guys behind me were sitting down. And there was a ■■■■■■■ annoying Asian talking really loud trying to impress a girl about how much he knows about football. Hey buddy, you want to impress her? Just parallel park your car!

I never really liked south end because as soon as we concede it goes all quiet, but same ■■■■ is happening in North end so may as well move


South End’s gone ■■■■■ since they moved to AAMI and when the seats are brought out. Dunno why but as much as I prefer the viewing of the stands brought out, the atmosphere is different. My seats are at the back so it’s probably down to acoustics.


The Italian supporters right now.


Ciao Italy.


Hopefully Ventura is getting chased out of Italy as we speak.


I’m going to IKEA to celebrate




Was always happening. Since Italy won in 2006 gheuve been knocked out at the group stage in 2010 and 2014.


Well that means less early mornings for me.


Nah, I’ll still watch most of the games. Good thing is that Russia has like 8 time zones so we will get games at around 8:30 at night


Who holds the broadcast rights to the World Cup?

Does Optus hold any games?


I’ll try to get up for big match ups, but generally outside of Italy & Australia, I just catch up on the highlights. Good to know there will at least be some more reasonable time slots though, so might see a bit more.

I got the first leg of the daily double in my prediction a bit earlier, hopefully the Socceroos show up though. Wonder how much a multi would’ve paid for both of them to miss out?


SBS i believe


ok cool.

Was hoping I could watch it on my phone while at work :grinning:


Thats hilarious. Somewhere in Russia it’s 1.53am and 11.53am and a whole lot of different times in between! Going to stuff around the players body clocks


I found it laughable that the AFL experts were complaining about the 1st leg being boring & lacking entertainment.

It’s a f*cking World Cup qualifier and is about getting through on an aggregate score. It’s not about entertainment or playing exciting football. The pure focus is about getting to the next stage.

Many AFL followers don’t understand the 2 leg system. Just look at the way Australia celebrated its win in the International rules. They were celebrating that they won. While Ireland weren’t worried about losing, as they know that it’s only half time in the series.


Yes and no.
Optus have the rights to the whole tournament, so SBS will only show 25 matches. It was part of the Optus/SBS deal for the EPL.

There are only so many games you can physically watch I suppose, but I guess it comes down to which games each individual wants to watch as to whether it matters.

I don’t think many people have realised this little detail yet!


Cheers mate.

If the Socceroos do make the tournament lets hope that they will be televised of free to air.