Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Yes, that article says SBS has the rights to all of Australia’s matches (if we qualify).


Having visited & thoroughly enjoyed my time in Peru, I will now be cheering them on to beat NZ in their play off game, and will hopefully adopt them for the world cup.


Thought the world cup was part of the anti siphoning laws which protected it from not being entirely on free to air?




How are Optus doing out of having The Premier League?
Want Foxtel to get it back.


LOL Italy. One less team of divers to worry about in Russia.


Irish lost 5-1 at home


Was hoping Eriksen saved some of that for Saturday against Arsenal.


C’mon you c*nts, let’s nail these plebs.


Does anyone know a reliable internet stream for these qualifiers? Particularly for tonight of course.


Go down to sports steams and you’ll find a few for tonights games…


Predication : Honduras 1-0


Prediction 2-1 Honduras. I’m expecting them to score an early one.


It’s soccer, everyone dives


I Hate you


I hate you


Need to score first and score early. Then desperately need a second goal to avoid Honduras scoring late and leveling the tie


3-2 Australia. Heart in mouth type shiz.

In all honesty if these Hondurans get through, the sparring part of me says good luck to em. It was never like that with Uruguay on either occasion nor Iran.


Pisspour looking crowd.