Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


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Also the Essendon drug saga was a ploy by coterie groups to enact sheed’s demand of 100k members by the club’s 150th.


So long as you don’t become like some young’ns, thinking you know it all, and can learn nothing from the wiser experienced folk in your world,… I’m sure you’ll be fine Pre…, :wink:


I’ll give you 1 out of 3



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Surely you jest? African sides would be about on par with Asian sides. Europe and S America yes, but I think there should be more qualifiying playoffs Asia V Africa to get the best of those sides at the expense of an occasional minnow. Make Oceania play off against N America.


lets be honset Honduras were rubbish and ■■■■■■ away the game by giving us an own goal and 2 penalty shots we won’t be that lucky in Russia but well done to the Aussies in getting there.


We must have watched different games, Aziz was pretty good I thought. I loved him at Heart and I still do love him.


GOt better as it went on.
He’s not as polished as he could be but he’s a bit of a goer, good pace, commits.


I know that World Cup qualifications these days are handed out to anyone who sifts hard enough through a Weeties packet but still, four world cups on the trot I think is impressive.

Honduras were dire, I expected a bit more from them but I’m not going to take anything away from the socceroos. Getting past the group stage in Russia I think will be nothing short of miraculous with this mob but something tells me they may just give it a shake and some crazy things may happen, emotional things influenced by Timehhh. I’ve said some negative things way up in the gods of this thread but I’ll take it back. Congratulations for looking so dysfunctional, so incompetent at times and still qualifying the hard way by stuffing 3 past inferior opposition. It’s something us old skoolers could only dream of in the 80’s, I’m not gonna take this qualification for granted.

Man, am I hungover.


When it clicks… it clicks. When they look like a cohesive side, the Socceroos look a million dollars and could beat anyone.

The problem is we haven’t seen that Australian team over 12 months.

Having not been overly invested in the Australian national team for about 2 years. I don’t know where it has started falling down. Postecoglou looks like stress has caught up with him, and the Socceroos are performing in a similar fashion. In 4 years, his mentality has gone from gracious, confident and driven… to stressed, reactive & uncertain.

I’m not sure what has gone on, but after winning the Asian Cup I was supper excited about what the Socceroos could become.


You create enough chances and eventually a little luck falls your way.

As for Honduras, they are clearly a serious Jekyll and Hyde team. If you look at their qualifying run there’s a 6-0 loss to the US but also a 3-2 win over Mexico.

I’d have thought Essington fans would have some appreciation for a team ‘getting the job done’ when there is so much on the line.


Stoked for Australia to book a spot in Russia but they won’t make it past the group stage. People are kidding them selves thinking that we will do well in the World Cup.


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Sort of depends on what other teams are in our group, doesn’t it? I can’t understand this “will not get out of the group” mentality. Who knows?


Maybe, maybe not.

Depends who is in the group, injuries, form. Nobody saw Iceland doing what they did at the euro’s.


The World Cup is also 10 months away, it could be a completely different squad.

It only take for a player or two to set their league alight. For the confidence to be up. Coming into the 2006 World Cup, Cahill came from the fringes. He wasn’t part of the qualifiers. He had a solid season as a 23(?) year old for Everton, prior to the World Cup and ended up being the difference.

The following World Cup was seriously dissapointing. Purely because of the Offside trap we attempted hold Germany at bay with. Brett Holman had been given many chances to perform for the National side. Apparently setting the world on fire with AZ in Holland. He came out and played some fantastic football in the last 2 matches. And nearly single handedly got us through the group stage after we demolished Serbia.

Anyway, anything can happen between now and the World Cup.


Last World Cup Costa Rica made it out of a group that featured Italy, Uruguay and England.

Llooking at that four years on it now makes sense!