Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


I’m happy with making the World Cup… The only way we score a point is with a very lucky draw for group stage.


If we don’t get past the group stage we’ll be one of many. So what? At least we were there on the big stage.

If you don’t thinking making the world cup in itself a big win look up how the swedes celebrated getting there and what it means to them. Or any other team for that matter.


Plus about millions of $$$ Soccer Australia will get.


Realistically Postecoglu has done an enormous getting the team to the World Cup, when you consider Australia has sucked at junior level for the last 10 years - Seriously Australia is a minnow when it comes to junior footy.


We have great participation numbers but whether it be talent identification, elite programs or coaching we fall down badly


And Peru claim the last spot with a 2-0 win over the Kiwis today


Reportedly, FIFA will drop around $100m in TV rights after Italy went down.


Still billions in it for them.


Over history, the national team players have been late bloomers. It’s seems that between 20-24 years is a key development period for our players. It’s not until about 24 years that our guys start get getting game time at the mid level tiers of Europe.

While in Europe and South America 15-19 is the key development age. Arsene Wenger once said in an interview with Les Murray, that if a child doesn’t develop quality technique by the age of 12, they will never develop the technique to play at the highest level.

Saying all that, our development system from toddlers to under 19 is 1 million times better than it was in the 90’s when I started playing as a kid. Coaches were simply parents that were told that they will coach a team. Usually no background in soccer what so ever, and generally base training sessions off Aussie rules skills. It’s fair to say I’m pretty much a hack who was never taught the skills, yet been playing for 25 years. We also never had an opportunity to watch football other than World Cup tapes of Maradona.


My second team now.

Vamos Peru!


Despite Aussie players being late bloomers which has helped in qualifying for the last 2 world cups, the fact is we suck at junior level. Its not sustainable to continue making World Cup finals with our current junior record. And its no fluke that the strongest time in the Aussie soccer from the late 90’s through to 2010 was on the back of strong junior times. Finally we don’t have the same quality of players in Europe’s leading competitions.


It’s the 3rd biggest winter sporting code in the 54th biggest country in the world.
We’re doing better than we probably should be.


There are a lot of kids playing right now. A lot more than there was 15-20 years ago.

IMO the quality of kids I’m currently playing against now, compared to when I was playing when I was 16-17, is incomparable. They have unbeleivable skills set. The issue that I see up close, is that the kids don’t have a knowledge or understanding of team cohesion and tactical aspects.

An average team with great cohesion and able to play according to the game plan, against a team of superstars who only play for themselves… it’s a no contests. The average team wins every time. I see it all the time.

Anyway, I think the issue isn’t quality of youth coming through, it’s talent identification from A-League & National Premierleague clubs… then Junior Socceroo sides also.

The pathways are blurry for young talent. There are so many avenues you can go through. One poor decision and it’s all over, even as a 16-17 year old.
Unlike AFL, where there is one pathway (TAC Cup)… kids and their parents need to find a junior State club, then hope that the club will give their child opportunities. Then hope that an A-League club recruits them. If they miss out, they need to make a decision to go back the National Premier League, or do some trials in Europe.


Well, they do wear a red sash.


I’d love to see some stats, but it seems to me that the kids who play A league here then go OS end up with much better careers than those who do trials and go through Euro youth systems. Possibly only because you’re better off getting some match time to get your name out there in front of scouts?


IMO One thing that is overlooked with not having a Socceroos coach who is well connected in Europe, is telling clubs and their scouts to recruit and offer opportunities for Australian players.

For instance Guus Hiddink, was telling his networks in Holland about Australian players they should recruit.

From Memory, Luke Willshire went to FC Twente. Hiddink got Archie Thompson onloan at PSV leading up to the World Cup. I’m sure there was a number of other players that he encouraged his networks to recruit. It’s a crucial part of the Socceroos gig imo.


Soccer is booming at junior level, we cannot build grounds fast enough.

And some may argue that winning an Asian Cup is the boom time of Australian Soccer.


There is more than enough Aussie players playing overseas - Seems to be a trend that more players are establishing themselves in the A League before travelling overseas which usually gives them a better chance of success - Issue is currently we don’t have the same quality of players, compared to 10 or 20 years ago.


I think Rogic and Mooy can be world class.

Rogic needs to get out of Scotland.
And Mooy needs to get to a mid-table premier league club.

I think the many of the Socceroos players aren’t pushing themselves to get to bigger clubs. Playing in the championship, league 1, serie B & German second tier… isn’t enough.
They need to be broadening the options to Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Norway & Sweden. Get to the bigger clubs in these countries, play with better players, and push for Champions League. They are not doing this, because their isn’t as much money compared to England, Spain & Italy.


Also stop playing robbie kruse.