Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Huddersfield are currently 10th, so…


FFA or Adelaide better be strong about Marrone’s disgusting act tonight. Should get a very long time on the sideline.


Lol, he apologised and didn’t try to knock him over, will get 3-4 games and that will be the end of it. The cheating little carnt should of given the ball back. Wasn’t to be tonight, having a heap injured on the sidelines doesn’t help and we still had chances to win it. In the end we didn’t deserve to win


I’m sick of ball boys doing this. Remember the one against Chelsea and Eden Hazard? If they want to waste time simply dont get the ball but once you’ve got it give it to the player straight away. Hopefully the ball boy is suspended as well and booted from the football family for a year.


The ball boy has one job. Give the player the ball. The little turd should be banned before the player.


And the little prick got a medal and lifted the Cup. What a farce


Wouldn’t he be instructed by the Club to be as slow as possible giving the ball back to opposition players? He’s probably only following orders.


I am sure that you wouldn’t say that about a young boy, especially if you are a father.


The players spend almost the entire game playing kick to kick, 30 seconds wasn’t going to make that much of a difference. Not sure why the player chose to over-react at that time?


Ange quits


Not a good look. I don’t blame the kid, he’s only doing what he’s told by the club and he shouldn’t have been touched by a player in that fashion. I hope the way he was treated post match compensates for the brain fade by Marrone.


Bound to happen. Was ropeable about the way FFA had put pressure on him to add more aleague players to his squad. Guessing he probably had some other issues with them as well


Good riddance Ange.
Throw the kitchen sink at Ancelotti


If he did his job and gave the ball back instead of being a smart ■■■ it would never have happened.


I seriously hope we don’t hire Arnold.


david gallop is in charge, there could be any number of major fark ups coming our way.


Was a failure first time around, don’t want him anywhere near the Socceroos but he the FFA’s love child so can see it happening


They’ll go the cheap option. Graeme Arnold.

Of course they’ll go the route of signing the Sydney FC coach.

He’s f*cken useless.

Pay big dollars and get world quality manager. No coach in Australia is up to it.


Tony Pulis available.


Would happily take 3 nil all draws in the group stage