Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Geez, Ange had done a decent job if it. I’d live to know the reasons for holding out so long before deciding, smacks of back room bs.


What a ■■■■■■■ sook.

No balls Ange. No balls.


I felt as though Ange finally got the formation for the players we have against Honduras.

It would only a matter of time before everything started to click - after playing some questionable formations in qualifying.

Not his fault we don’t have a clinical finisher.

Hope FFA go a big name international coach for the World Cup. See what Gus is doing.




You dudes are nuts. You can’t fkn tackle the ball kid, no matter what he does


After 30+ years in management, four stints at Palace and 12 jobs, we could nab Steve Coppell from the Indian Super League for a song!


It will never happen, but I would love, LOVE that nutter Conte to take over. Just for the sideline reactions.

He changed/played a good style of football when running the Italian national team.


Laters Ange


If it’s not Graeme Arnold. Garunteed it will be someone in the Sydney circles. The centre of Australian soccer.


Best thing would be to appoint an International like Guus for the next 7 months to keep the team playing as Ange has instilled, and then install Arnold or another Aussie straight afterwards IMO. Any Aussie is on a hiding to nothing taking over now, and it would open up the possibility of the same drama that Ange had early, which ultimately haunted him right through his stint.


Ancelotti is free, would be a great appointment for the WC


Absolutely fkg guaranteed.


Unfortunately Moyes has just taken the West Ham role.


Ventura is available Ace


Can’t believe he is still alive, I was certain his house would be burnt to the ground by now.
Hopefully he was shot from a cannon into the sun and is never seen again


Bring Back Aussie Guus. Or for a laugh I’d like Harry Redknapp.


Redknapp is normally really good for about a year, before a plateau.
WC is in how many months again?


Yes I remember that time Tomi Juric knocked back Real Madrid.

Would it ever be a player’s decision to stay at a lower league?


What’s the Tinkerman currently doing?


Haha I’m a father of boys and believe me they can be exactly that. And sometimes they need to be told just like l was.