Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Huh?..I wouldn’t even let him near my gridiron team!


Afraid he would kick up a stink if you assed him the big question?


Matildas kicking some Chinese buttocks.


And an absolute cracker from Kerr to go 3 zip up.


We should approach Iain DOWIE


Sometimes yes. Lucas Neil preferred to play on UAE than Liverpool. A few have gone to China even though league 1 in England is probably of a higher standard.


100% Winning Rate during his INGERLAND tenure.


Mostly when they’re well into their 30s and just want bulk $$$ for minimal effort. US League is another one.
Still wouldn’t think that affects any guys building their career?


Neil chased the $$$ his whole career


Playing in League 1 or the Championship is a safe option. I’m talking about life style. It’s fcken tough living in somewhere like Austria, Norway or Turkey for example. You work your fcking off, in sh*t conditions. There’s no support network, unlike in England where there are countless Australians playing football. Plus the culture is very familiar to Australians.

England’s lower division of football isn’t as high as other parts of Europe, and imo the players don’t broaden their understanding of the game playing in either Australia or England. Our footballing culture is lacking diversity in the way that we play.


Am open to a Craig Foster/Robbie Slater combo in regards to coaching The Roos.


Hell no to either getting anywhere near the team


The only team Craig Foster has managed is Nerds FC!!!


They hate each other.
Was an attempt at humour.
Not serious.


Absolutely no chance of carlo. you think aus is gonna fork out the dollars for him?


Ric Charlesworth or Roosy.

Come on Gallop, do your worst.


Wasn’t it Andy Harper?


if you offered it to him for a heap of coin for just the WC he might do it. No chance he would take it long term though


yeah he would, no way FFA would pay the amount required.


Unless Ancelotti always wanted to coach a team at the World Cup and this is his last chance. He may do it at mates rates.