Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


I think France, Peru and Denmark would be happiest


I’ve seen a lot of optimism and confidence like this whereas I am quite the opposite. Especially when I read this:

according to the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking in November, Group C is in fact the most challenging pool of Russia 2018, featuring France (ninth), Australia (39th), Peru (11th) and Denmark (12th).


FIFA rankings mean little. Peru rely on a massive altitude advantage at home and struggle on the road, they only drew with the Kiwis in NZ.
Denmark are ok on their day but scraped through qualifying from a poor group and then accounted for Ireland easily in the playoffs. They are a pretty dour and regulated side and actually think we can get a draw against them. The key result will be the opening fixture, we need to limit the damage against a very good French side. Think we will finish level with the Danes and from there it’s GD


Just glad to avoid Group B.


Wouldn’t “challenging” suggest that it’s even and all teams have hope?


Group A would be the easiest, think we did very well also.

The last group looks a cracker, very even and could imagine a lot of good games in it.

And we have to play my adopted team, shades of 2006 all over again.


I kind of agree with Aceman, it’s not a bad draw, in fact it’s very doable. We were always going to get a quality team and it was unlikely we’d get Russia. Denmark and Peru are winnable.


I’ve watched Peru play in Peru. It was fantastic, they love it over there. I love them. Plus they wear a red sash (I bought a jersey and occasionally wear it to Ess games).


Also, don’t they play most of their games in Lima? It’s only 154 metres above sea level. They’re not playing games in farking Cusco


I believe you are right as they now play all their games in Lima. There was a time when they split games between Lima and a couple of cities at altitude. They are still very poor on the road and I think we are a better side than them


I don’t have a heap of confidence we will, but I give us a chance of results against both Peru and Denmark.


Reckon you might be thinking of Bolivia, Ace

Unbeatable at home. Actually pretty rubbish.


The also drew with Argentina away and had some very credible results both home and away in qualifying against much better sides than us.

And they beat Brazil in the US at the Copa America.

We underestimate them and they will probably smack us.


We can get out of that group. Denmark are not what they used to be. They rely on a really strong defence.

Peru relied on their home form to get through

Hopefully we play France in game 3- if they are already through to the next round they might rest some players

Really happy we England’s draw as well


France first up mate


Think we will win the whole thing.
We are going to shock the World.


Oh…well we can still get through


If Richmond can win a flag and Leicester the EPL title anything can happen :rofl:


I thought Peru used to play qualifiers in Arequipa at one point?


I watched Denmark v The Irish.
Eriksen was sublime that game and obviously as a Spurs fan I know what he is capable of.
That being said he can have quiet ones.
Hoping against us he has an off one.