Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Game will be played 8 pm AEST.


You may well be right, Bolivia are definitely the experts at playing at altitude that stuffs everyone else.


Yeah Bolivia definitely are a completely different team at home. The West Coast Eagles of soccer lol


Denmark and Peru are not unbeatable.

Having seen a little bit of Denmark. They are a solid and consistent side. It will be an even match against them. They have a strong defensive element to the way they play.

They also don’t have any real world class players, but their strength is they are evenly spread across the starting 11. They don’t carry any weaknesses.


Everything going well I hope to be there for it. Trying to sort out a base first and trying to sort out some logistics. Some pretty good Business class fares to Europe ATM and have to compromise with the wife on a few things


Lol. AFL media already speculating that the World Cup fixture won’t effect the AFL.


Pretty happy with our draw, I heard someone say that all of our opponents are in the top 15 but then I thought it was only the FIFA rankings so that means SFA. I think we are a decent chance of progressing.


There’s about 3/4 teams that you’d think “we should beat them” and basically all are from the same pot as us, then you’d have maybe 8-10 teams you’d think “we’ll get hammered” and the rest you’d think if we play well we could get a result. Denmark and Peru are in that category so it’s a good result for us. France will do us over but hopefully they do the same to Peru and Denmark. We didn’t get lucky by getting Russia or getting Tunisia but it’s probably the best draw since 2006.


Group I: Netherlands,Italy, Chile,USA


You mean group L


Tim Cahill leaves A-League club Melbourne City amid reports of tension with coach
3 minutes

Wed 6 Dec 2017, 12:18pm

Melbourne City’s marquee player Tim Cahill has left the club, amid reports the 38-year-old had fallen out with the team coach.

In a statement, the club said that they “had mutually agreed that Cahill will depart the club, effective immediately”.

Cahill, who is considered one of the best Australian football players of all time, signed with Melbourne City in August last year and scored the goal of the year in his first match.

But during Australia’s World Cup qualifying campaign, Cahill appeared to be frustrated with his club coach Warren Joyce and said that he had “big decisions” to make about his future before the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Joyce later dismissed the rumours of their falling out as “tittle-tattle and mere speculation”, but Cahill’s departure surely indicates there was tension.

In a statement, Cahill was diplomatic and said he enjoyed his time in the Australian domestic league.

“Playing in the domestic league in Australia was always an important career goal for me, and my experience here has been fulfilling from start to finish,” he said.

"The welcome from fans, the quality of the facilities and the ever-increasing quality of football continues to be a source of immense pride.

"I want to thank Melbourne City, the players and the staff, and especially the fans.

“It was amazing to help bring the first piece of silverware to this club (2016 FFA Cup), and this makes me very proud.”

He also said that he wished Joyce “all the very best for the rest of the season”.

It is not clear where Cahill will go, but he says he is still focused on being selected for next year’s World Cup.

Joyce said Cahill was a huge attribute to the team and was a popular internal figure.

“Having players of Tim’s stature in the dressing room can only help develop a squad’s ambitions, and his impact on the team and for the club is well known,” he said.

It is unknown if Cahill has linked with another club.

Russia would be Cahill’s fourth World Cup, having first appeared in Germany in 2006.

He leaves Melbourne City mid-season, with the club sitting third on the A-League ladder.


Tim has already spoken to Adelaide United and will be over here in the next few days for further talks


Should have gone there, roar or mariners to start with.


Honestly Tim would just be a big distraction for any club with all his ego.

Also better make sure your contract isnt front ended like City’s was because he is going to take your money and run once the “cheap” part contract kicks in because it doesn’t have enough vi$ion.


I don’t think he should have ever gone to the A-League.

Just need to look at the fall out with Lucas Neill and Harry Kewell. These fall outs kill their ‘brand’, and simply not worth it with the money they could get in China or Saudi Arabia as well as the opportunity to be in the Asian market.

90% of football fans don’t like these much loved players because they are at an opposition club.



Didn’t play nearly well enough when he was here(apart from the winner in the FFA cup final). Good of him to take the stack of his front loaded deal in his first season and then nick off.

Screw him


screw city too.


The Arabs have enough money, anyone who can screw those Manchester City carnts is a Champion IMO. I still don’t know how anyone that supports any other EPL club could ever support Melbourne Citeh


What does one thing have to do with another. I was a heart supporter first, not sure why I would give up on the club I support because they change owners


Wasn’t just a owner change. You have changed your emblem and colours, you get their players and staff. You are Manchester City Reserves now. Can assure you that if Liverpool purchased Adelaide United I’d tear up my membership on the spot and find a new club to support.
The ownership by those scumbags is a huge reason why attendance and membership at MCFC won’t grow massively