Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


What a surprise MR LEGACY has pulled the pin.


Remember when Rangers stuck their fingers in some NSW NSL club and sent it into administration?


So…following the Rangers lead.

Did they do it by blatant tax cheating too?

Or did they sign a Catholic?


I understand what your saying, but once I start to follow a club I’m all in. I can’t stand Manchester City but I refuse to let that dampen my passion for Melbourne city


I could understand perhaps if Heart/City had been around all your life but wouldn’t think many would be strongly attached to a 10 year old club.


Celtic are looking at buying an A-League club. If they bought AU I’d burn the place down lol


There is no way we defeat Denmark whilst they have LORD BENDTNER.


Maybe we went for them before they got taken over? I know I did. Probably would not have followed them had chelski or the manx bought them instead. City did pip uniturd to a PL title a few years back they will always have my gratitude for that.


At the end of the day, Cahill needs to move on and play regularly if he is to make the 2018 World Cup Squad. Of course one of the mysteries of soccer is how often a player can’t get a game for their club side, but yet is one of the first chosen for their national team.


It’s one of the reasons I think lots of domestic football in Europe sucks massive testicles nowadays. International football used to be respected as the highest, most honourable form but now there’s several versions of the Harlem globetrotters floating around the Champions League.


Who is Mr Legacy?


Cahill aka VISION.


Club over country


Thought, rather hoped, that you were talking about Lowy and he had finally ■■■■■■ off.


You mean Frank “they’re crooks because they bribed FIFA more than we bribed FIFA” Lowy?


I think he meant his son, Steven “the heir to the throne by right of royal succession rather than via any sort of democratic process” Lowy.


Either one will do! Hell who am I kidding - both.


Good win over the enemy despite the ref doing his best. Our two reds were justified but how the hell did the Victory keep all their men on the pitch? George had 7 or 8 fouls on his own and not even a yellow despite being warned several times and justice that Berisha missed the penalty what a shocking call


Great news for the Socceroos
Paolo Guerrero, the Peru captain and all-time record goalscorer, has been handed a 12-month ban after testing positive for cocaine, meaning he will miss next summer’s World Cup in Russia.