Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


I still support the Australian soccer team, seeing as I live here and have for a hell of a long time

Would love to see us make the knockout rounds


Just fix up your cricket allegiance and it will be ok.


SFC getting dicked in the ACL :smiley:

We 1-1 against Kawasaki early 2nd half


Ffs 2-1



LOL,that will never happen


93rd min pen. Would legit boof Leroy George


All but confirmed Arnie taking over from bert after the WC


It says in the news the club was sold to a European consortium. Geography not your favourite subject? :wink:


I’d been hearing for weeks that the Consortium was based in Hong Kong and had shares in 4 Asian soccer sides. Perhaps my mail was wrong


It does say that they are mainly Dutch, and they own other clubs in Holland, France and China. So there’s that.


Apparently the Dutch bloke at the head of the consortium has offices in Hong Kong and does indeed own and have shares in Chinese clubs so my mail was partly correct :rofl:


Just a different slant on things.


Arnold had his chance, and failed.

We won’t make the World Cup in 2022.

Just enjoy the Matilda’s winning the World Cup next year, it’s the only joy we are going to get.


The bloke is a fraud


Would have preferred Tony Popovic, but it is what it is.


This ■■■■ is going to see us into another dark age


He look over immediately after Guus didn’t he? Yeah can’t say his appointment fills me with any enthusiasm whatsoever, very much smells like a “job for the boys” thing. I couldn’t care less if our coach was Aussie or not, just get the best person out there. Would Van Marwijk have taken the job on a full-time basis? Must be a $ issue…




Na, he very much wanted a short term job.