Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Greame Arnold lol.


Lol fk off Sydney on live tv


Suck ■■■■ Arnold. Face facts. You lost.


Whooo the ■■■■ are sydney fccccc


And now to the Dan Ric thread for qualifying


Got home from the movies and heard the result. Eat the biggest bag Arnold. Happy for my mates who are die hard victory fans.

Sounds like a cracker of a game


Roughly how many minutes of stoppage time was there for the second half of extra time?

Cos I saw 8 minutes but that cannot be right but given it’s the baby blue brigade, I wouldn’t be surprised.


Was going to take a miracle to win and the miracle happened. Hopefully that’s the end of the line now though


The first 5 minutes were warranted and then there was another stoppage of about 3 minutes during the 5 minutes.


Muscat absolutely paid out on Sydney in the post match presser. Called some of their players arrogant, brought up the fact they’ve never beaten us in 120 minutes in finals.


Just off the plane back in melb. That was ■■■■■■■ amazing. They went into that game thinking they’d won. Cant believe im goung to a 6th Grand Final next Saturday night.

Absolutely ■■■■ off Sydney. Watching those ■■■■■ stream out of that stadium at a complete loss and getting into every single one of those ■■■■■ faces and letting them know about it!


Fantastic effort Scotty. And seriously, how ■■■■ was the crowd? Bunch of theatre-goers

Nearly flipped the table when we conceded to make it 2-2.

Bye bye Arnold you arrogant ■■■■, cant believe this turd is now coaching our national team.


I know its been said earlier but this must be what the other side of 99 felt like. Will need to watch a replay but wow it felt like we dominated ET. Assistant coach running on and slapping Carney tops it off. Some fat ■■■■ want words and told me to “■■■■ off home” said “gladly but ill be next week for a grand final” he walked off after that


Tickets sorted, flying to sydney on friday afternoon, train to newy and staying with a mate up there. Lets do this


Some of the most amazing ■■■■ I’ve ever seen. Absolute emotional rollercoaster.


Just been watching Twitter all morning, cant believe it. I felt we had no chance whatsoever


Fkn incredible game.

How often does a team kick all 5 goals and end up winning by one??


This has made my weekend. Haha.


Lol im going to a 6th victory grans final during the time essendon havent won a final


One team has heart, the other not so much.

Back on topic though what an emotional and amazing win that was! I nearly jumped through the roof when Antonis sunk those ■■■■■ in extra time.

Bring on next Saturday night!!