Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Kick him out of the game!

That’s a disgrace


■■■■■■■ HELL.


Finally some excitement, flying snap kick to the head. I just can’t get into this sport.




Legit LOL at this.


what a shift by lawrence


Unbelievable Lawrence


@scotty21 treat yourself, buffalo sauce crispy chicken


Thomas has a rude looking lid at the best of times.


This is amazing. ■■■■ Yes!


Crowd still going nuts. Love it.


Looks like Fogdog’s man saved the day?


Knocked city out of Asia too


Surely the goalkeeper and one defender were behind those 2 Victory players, or doesn’t the defender count if he’s behind the goal line.

Based on my (not up-to-date) knowledge of the offside rule, that goal wasn’t offside.


Scheduling for this game was strange.

Would have thought Sunday at maybe, 6.30 would have netted way more eyes.


Congratulations to Melbourne Victory for winning the A League Grand Final after a poor start to the season. Well played, lads.


There wasn’t a defender behind the victory player, that was the problem.


Used to be sundays, fans demanded it be moved back to Saturday night, far better than a sunday night, sunday night is just a ■■■■ atmosphere for any aport


just got off my flight home, I haven’t sleept a wink, have a headache the size of JDs form slump and smell like a brewery. Zero ■■■■■ given!! Champions!