Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Kruse and Milligan both should be nowhere near this side. Both have some pretty good photos


Risdon mile Sainsbury Behich

        Moy mass

Leckie rogic arzani



Doubt it’s the photos, think it highlights how poor our depth is.

As yaco and I and others had said numerous times (and now Ange has said it) we have a top-down approach and it doesn’t work


With Ryan as keeper?


Hoping we will keep a clean sheet tonight and somehow squeeze a goal into the net.


Sam Kerr is sensational.
Now go Brazil.


That goal is crazy good (how fast and skilled?) and courageous. Ditto for the goal keeper as that could have been a mess for one or both of them.


Any chance we can play Sam Kerr in the Socceroos? (Only half joking)


Anyone watching the Tildas Vs Chile??

Good game, getting a tad willing too. They are always fun to watch I reckon.


Sammy Kerr bangs in another.

Ol’ Faithful. She’s a fkn Star.


And she opens the gates, and almost immediately the Til’s nail a 2nd!!


And another quick couple to go up 4 zip.

Our Girls are on fire!!


Not really my cup of tea but great they are doing well


What channel was it on? Got a cut down foxtel in the hotel and couldn’t find it


Was on SBS 2 / Viceland.




So that’s why I had to miss 8 out of 10 Cats do Countdown.


Are you retired? You seem to watch a lot of sport


The question is how the Matilda’s lost 3-2 to Chile a few days ago.


The Matilda are currently our best National team. They’re an absolute inspiration.

I really enjoy watching women’s (world) football purely for the attacking instinct.

I wish our men had the same finishing class of the Matilda’s.