Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Western Melbourne are literally going to build a 15k stadium.

However, it will be in Tarneit, which to me is a major issue in itself. Should have been next to the M1/Princes Freeway (e.g. Williams Landing? - has a massive train station too!)


Western Melbourne can work if they learn from the mistakes of Melbourne Heart and get it absolutely right from day one. Find you’re own identity and market it. Do not be Heart MK II


You want them not to sell grog or food either? Free entry?

This is a privately funded stadium. A major revenue source will be charging for parking & anything else etc. Being as far away from PT makes total sense.

On the big picture - another short sighted stuff up. The population is in the South East, they should have entered first and the west later. The league/FFA/Club could have worked on the stadium plan moving forward.

Get the market right, then the rest will follow. At least they picked a market here, unlike Heart which was a total balls up from start to now.

Dont go with the bids - ie gold coast, North queensland. Get the market right as the only criteria.


Why do we need a third club in Melbourne. Surely with the two current ones everyone who wants to go/watch allready does.


too stale, too few teams so this is needed.

What is REALLY needed is basically do everything opposite to what FFA has done. We are a feeder/springboard league, nothing more nothing less.

So what do we do, when Manchester City comes to down instead of embracing we take the small-minded view and limit every single bit of transfer policy they could. Banning the loaned players was a joke!

Imaging getting the gun 18-19 year old next superstars for a season - that is our go. Not trying to be the AFL.


The answer to that is “no”


Do we honestly need to dilute the Melbourne and Sydney markets more?

Surely there are big regional towns across Australia that could benefit from an A-League club… and capture the the locals imagination.


See prior post.


Because that worked so well for VFL Park. (At least that had major roads to get there, which Tarneit does not. )


And who is funding that?


broadcasting and attendance is vital for this league.

It’s simply not ok to have 10,000 people attend a stadium with a capacity of 25000-30000. Atmosphere is everything in World football. From the telecast there simply is none when all you see is empty seats. For example: Sydney FC a f*cking disgrace.

The FFA Cup captured everyone’s imagination with sellouts stadiums in suburban grounds. So much atmosphere. Excellent TV coverage. This could happen in a Geelong or Hobart.

There will not be another Melbourne Victory, and they need to give up trying.


Who’s paying for a 15k stadium in fkg Tarneit?


hardly anyone watches us(city) anyway. If the new club in melbourne takes off that might just about be the end of City too. we can barely get people to go to our games as it is. We stink on the field. The club is run terribly, we are used more as a feeder club for Man City than as a club who is trying everything to win things.

I’m also not sure there is enough talent to fill another 2 teams but thats still to be determined


City only pull 8-9k avg.

Now move that crowd half an hour out into the suburbs, away from PT. I reckon you’re looking at 4-5k avg crowd.


That has to be a big concern. Another 40 odd players needed for squads. They need to increase quality to get more viewers not dilute it.


I disagree. Canberra is a sporting black hole like the Gold Coast.

And I grew up in Canberra and lived there for 26 years.

Teams like the Canberra Cosmos, Canberra Cannons and the Canberra Capitals (in their original format) have all come and gone.

The ACT brumbies and Canberra Raiders struggle to find an identity in a corporate marketplace despite both teams having early success winning premierships in their infant years.

Canberra is not a destination place for sporting identities and doesn’t get large passionate supporter bases.

It really is a city of public servants that prefer to get out to their local sporting teams on a weekend as opposed to following state teams.

The dollars are there from the corporate world but they disappear quickly if there is a lack of success.


It’s privately funded (only because it will be the centrepiece of a property development, but privately funded nevertheless).

I have no doubt that if Team 11 (Dandenong based) was able to organise their own stadium funding, they would have gotten the nod ahead of Western Melbourne.


Garrunteed to be made up of A-League journeymen… Nick Ward, Jeremy Brockie, Scott Jamieson, Dan Mullen, Liam Reddy… :roll_eyes: Some of these blokes have played at 5-6 clubs.


Yeah, I can’t stand that ■■■■.


And you know, this is the A league’s biggest issue… the standard of play is still glaringly worse than that of 2nd and third div comps overseas. Extra teams means more dilution of talent. I’m all for expansion but without quality coaching programs, (there’s plenty of expensive money making ventures claiming to be of quality), the standard gets worse. We’re not used to spectating third /fourth tier sporting comps in Aus… I fear for the A league if the big solution to their ills is more teams.