Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Is any of that going to matter if nobody wants to go?


The other thing about Western Melbourne, is that their proposed marquee player is the current captain of Celtic, who is in 33 and whom I had never previously heard of. (Forgive me.)
That will have them lining up!


Not to me.


You haven’t heard ofScott Brown? Picture the sort of guy you’d expect to captain Rangers or Celtic…add about 20% of hard roughnut look…and you have him. Looks like he’d sprinkle broken glass on his cereal.


33yo says it all doesn’t it?

See Fowler, R; Yorke, D.


There were a couple of options that were “asked” to withdraw their bids and in turn receive a handshake agreement that when the league goes to 2 tiers in 2-3 years time they will be offered entry. Adelaide City was one of those clubs


What’s their excuse for ■■■■■■■ over Tasmania?

As long as the new club(s) don’t become an elaborate tax dodge for bigger clubs, ie: Man City / Melb City, I don’t care. An away day to Tarneit, Hahah, ■■■■ me dead.


Legit would take longer to get to Tarneit on PT than Adelaide or Sydney on a plane.


FFA are clearly idiots. May as well go back to NSL and let the ethnics belt eachother.


Fair enough. I think you make an excellent point about the comparisons between Canberra and the Gold Coast, however, from the list of expansion bids, I saw Canberra as the no-brainer on the basis it was somewhere new that wouldn’t cannibalise existing clubs. Most of the other bids just didn’t make sense to me


Agreed. It would be worth considering opening up extra International player spots just to make up the numbers!


You don’t think being a summer sport instead of a winter would be different?


Yep, I knew that, but the point I was making is that FFA have “the next Victory/WSW” in their minds when looking at new bids. They need to lower their eyes and look at more than projected population growth.


How do you do that though?


melb viccy must be worried. those huge 15k home averages can’t go any lower or they’ll lose their biggest club in the world mantra.



Melbourne Victory home attendance average:

2017-2018: 17,631
2016-2017: 22,008
2015-2016: 23,112
2014-2015: 25,388
2013-2014: 21,808
2012-2013: 21,885


Cant wait for the Western Melbourne V Melbourne City derby, they can play for the irrelevant cup


I have a number of Friends who are City supporters. They have straight up said, that they will support this Western Melbourne team.

IMO This will destroy City, and not even impact Victory at all.


Again, we could murder this mob after HT. Have totally dominated so far, up 4-2 and up a man as well.


6 in a row to Victory, we’re in some brilliant form