Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Part of the problem this mob will face and City have faced is MV did such a ■■■■■■ good job when they started up. almost anyone who was ever going to start going regularly signed up on the back of the Thompson/Muscat/Allsopp sides being so good from the outset, solid branding and a reasonable home ground.
Whereas Sydney being so up and down plus the logistics of Sydney v suburban Western sydney really left the door open for WSW to come in and have a big impact.

I really don’t think there’s room for 3, in Melbourne.


They should have started with minimum 2 teams in Melbourne from the outset. Boggles the mind that they didn’t as Melbourne defo have the population.


What happened to western Sydney? Didn’t those guys used to get big crowds?


massive storm al afternoon day and its out at homebush its the worst place to go . veer been to spotless to watch the bombers and youll know its the ■■■■ end of the world.

new stadium that will be ready for the NRl this year plus the wanderers next year at parramatta they will pack it out as they used to!


Only if they are winning. Massive front runners


apparently the final selection of the new teams has been shady as all hell. i heard that the report presented to the board had selected two different teams to the ones actually selected. talk of money changing hands, calls being made during the board meeting asking teams to up their bids.


The RBB disbanded after the cops got heavy handed and the FFA sided with them. Last year when they were here they had nearly 6k travelling fans. 2 weeks ago, barely 500 came down


I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise


Stadium also doesn’t help. You jam 18k into old parra or even spotless and the place is nearly full.

ANZ is a graveyard.


Yep it is. Hopefully the new stadium they build is more friendly.

I say the same about Etihad, it’s ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ to watch soccer. Need to leave there and just play at AAMI park


I just don’t think people from Sydney leave their house for sporting events.

It’s not just A-league. It’s every sport. I think it was Arsenal or Liverpool that were scheduled to play in Sydney… their Facebook page said that they’ll be playing at the “sports capital of Australia.” Ie. Sydney.

My response was “more like the capital of empty grandstands”.

Sydney are honestly a disgrace with getting people to any type of events. Whether that’s sport or Live music, or anything else. People just do not show up. But they act as if it’s the ‘premier event’, when it’s in Sydney.


They are nothing more than theatre goers. Can’t get a crowd at any sport


It’s because trying to get anywhere that isn’t within 5km of your house in Sydney is an absolute clusterfk

Melbourne is insanely well set up for major events. All freeways and train lines run pretty much directly to the major sport/theatre/entertainment precincts.


New Parra (bankwest stadium) is going to he amazing. I’ll be going to the first Vuck game their


FFA have announced the squad for the Asian Cup

How the hell does Kruse keep on getting selected?

If Mooy doesn’t play, we are screwed. Arzani out through injury is a massive blow as well

Socceroos Asian Cup squad: Mustafa AMINI, Aziz BEHICH, Martin BOYLE , Milos DEGENEK, Alex GERSBACH, Rhyan GRANT, Chris IKONOMIDIS, Jackson IRVINE, Matthew JURMAN, Robbie KRUSE, Mitchell LANGERAK, Mathew LECKIE, Massimo LUONGO, Awer MABIL, Jamie MACLAREN, Mark MILLIGAN, Aaron MOOY, Andrew NABBOUT, Josh RISDON, Tom ROGIC, Mathew RYAN, Trent SAINSBURY, Daniel VUKOVIC


Like Tarneit, you mean?


Yep. Sydney NRL crowds are all around 12-18k. Abysmal.


Geez that squad is thin


Kruse before Triosi, ■■■■ off


Kruse with better job security than the Queen of England