Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


And why pick Mooy?


Haha. Excellent post tbh.


Friendly against Oman might be interesting tonight with the Asia Cup defence just a week away.


Hope we play some decent stuff and don’t cop any injuries. Squad is pretty thin with talent so can’t afford anyone getting hurt


Geez, get up to make a cuppa tea come back and they’ve scored twice.


Quick off the mark weren’t they?

2 in the 1st 10 minutes. Good signs.


And just a lazy 3rd, 22 minutes in.


Was this expected to be this easy?


Doubt it. Comms were just saying we’ve only beaten them once away before, soooo, Arnold, … ummm, … working?? :thinking:


Well we beat them 4-0 at the last asian cup, but they have improved a bit since then and yeah it is away.

Just a tune up for the main event, but you’d expect a better hit out than this.


very good start. Kruse is still garbage


Good crowd. :smirk:


Ha ha ha, … that was something out of nothing!!

4 zip @ 58.


And a Cracker from Irvine to make it 5 - Zero.


Not a great level of opposition, but a pretty impressive performance nonetheless.

Looked assertive in attack, held defensive structure well, … and pushed back hard to do so all through the game, despite being well up & in control.


They said it was closed to the public, but there were a few people on the grandstand side. Invitation only?


No terry Antonis but Jeggo makes it???


Antonis plays for Victory and sunk Sydney FC last year in the semis. Arnold coaches the socceroos, you do the math


Ahh, … I missed that. Thought it was odd.


Peak A-League tonight.