Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Lucky to not be 2 down


Just over an hour of passing around into 11 men behind-the-ball remaining everyone


Better bring out the staple gun.


It’s ok guys, Kruse will save us


Lol I’m out.

I went to the pub to watch the game… I’ve seen enough.

Just looking at that whinging, talentless, grumpy mother-f*cker of a coach on the sidelines makes me never want to watch this team again.


He is the Marsh ( pick either one) of the Australian soccer team. Does nothing every game, yet continually gets picked


Don’t they have VAR in this?




This is starting to look like déjà vu of the 2007 Asian Cup campaign.

Who was our head coach again?


Hmmm, … :thinking:

There’s this Jose’ fella available now, …


Who’s grumpier???


73% possession, … ffs


Lol, . Good question,… toss up I reckon.


■■■■ Arnold. Complete fraud


Kruse off… back to playing with 11 men


We re-hire a bloke that was previously sacked as head coach, and we’re suppose to be surprised by the same results that are being served to us.


He also had during the first reign, arguably the best squad of talent Australia has ever assembled


He did have the best! And got knocked out after the first round from memory.


We are badly missing the set piece skills of mooy

Time for rogic to stand up


Bring back Guus