Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Just need one moment of quality to get back into this


Just need one decent fit striker.


Why are you stopping the game for cramp ref?


Well, … it is stretcher level cramp, …


Make some moment and want the ball! So damn static


Really rogic, really


and thats why spl will be your peak.


How?? fk


This is beyond frustrating to watch.

It’s like watching man united earlier in the season. No system for going forward, nobody looking like they have any idea how to attack


Get up you big puss


This ref is beyond a joke, how can you not have VAR in this!?!

Any chance you can put in a decent corner champ ffs


What was that rogic?

Can you imagine, it’s closing in on 90min, you are behind and you look over to your manager for inspiration…and you see Arnold…we’re screwed




Eat mY shaft Arnold you utter utter fraud


Ohh ffs, … have a last minute chance or 3 ,… and make sure you fk 'em all up.


Australian men in 2019 are mediocre at sport.

Weren’t particularly good at football anyway but this is low even by socceroos standards.


Mate just sent a text, … "We may as well have fkn TOM Arrnold coaching us!!



Graham Farken Arnold can GAGF


Rugby, cricket, football, tennis, we’re cooked as a nation.

Not the women, just the men.


Couldn’t score at a junkie convention or get a shot on target even if the goals were 50m wide.