Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Notice how fast it’s all raced down hill since ASADA screwed us over???

Karmic fkn curse I tells ya!!


Arnold has got 2 games to save his reputation. Can you imagine failing with the national side TWICE?!


Any chance Kruse can never start another game again, like ever!

Irvine should be starting, one of the few guys who actually looked to create something as soon as he came on the pitch

Rogic is one of the biggest pretenders I have ever seen play for the national side


No VAR in the group stage apparently.

Makes sense. :angry:


And bozzas phone just went off on air.

Sums up the socceroos night


I swear he said it was YouTube LOL


It would be handy to have an injury free Arzani, Mooy, Leckie, Boyle and Nabbout about now…


Whats happened to Australian soccer in the last 10 years? There was a time when we were good wasn’t there? Now have Very few players plying their trade at the top of the Euro leagues and an A League which is the equivalent to the Scottish 4th division. Bring back Guus.


Cricket has infiltrated our soccer camp…we are screwed!


I’d prefer Kewell, Bresciano, Emerton, Viduka and Aloisi personally


Triosi and Antonis should have been,

No idea how Kruse keeps getting games. Must be a really great bloke


Damn right.

Scottish soccer must be abysmal if he can be a first team regular.


… and a time machine.


Have you watched any lately?
Celtic and Rangers would struggle in the Championship and the rest are league 1-2 standard. Absolute garbage league


Any chance of Samantha Kerr being drafted into the squad?


We ain’t going that bad yet


It always has been.

Scott McDonald was a superstar in the SPL. Soon as he transferered to the Championship, he wasn’t seen again.

Rogic needs to get the f*ck out of that league ASAP. The only thing it’s useful for, is getting noticed by bigger European clubs.


I recall an interview with him awhile back where he stated he was approached by several Championship sides but turned them all down as him and his partner both loved life in Glasgow and how much he loved playing for Celtic. Commented on the large crowds and competing for titles whilst also getting to play the big boys in the CL whereas in the Championship you play infront of smaller crowds with not much hope of playing for anything with a fair percentage of clubs and hoping that you get promoted


I can definitely see the positives in that.

I was thinking more about getting to a Dutch, French, Belgium or German club.

Clearly the culture is very different and you need to adjust to living in a non-English speaking country… but the quality is much higher.

Australian players seem to be only focussed on Playing in England, or a Champions league club… if that doesn’t happen then just settling in Asia.

Some fantastic Australian players have played their careers in places like Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, France, Belgium, (or mid-to-bottom of the table in) Germany, Italy and Spain.

In some ways the A-league has made it far too comfortable for many of these middle range players, who should be playing some quality level football in Europe.

Someone like Mark Milligan should have played his whole career in somewhere like Holland. Instead he’s back and forth between A-League and Asia.


and Scotland