Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Viduka, Larsen, Nakamura, Petrov, Ferguson were ok…Dembele, and Van Dyk. Boruc was a world class keeper… MacDonald recognised only as a poacher incidentally. Was never held in high esteem at Celtic. The league is fine if you’ve got some heart. Moore was good there, Mooy struggled (for St Mirren)… Rogic is just caka for mine…


He’s playing in europe every year. Even if they don’t get out of the group.
That’s something.

If he was playing at any of the 2nd tier Scottish clubs (ie everyone except celtic), sure, fair point. But currently he’s a first team regular at a CL club. And scoring goals there pretty regularly.


He tried for many years to play in Europe, but he didn’t meet the eligibility criteria until last year.


Arnold, …“If you’re going to lose a game, it’s better if it’s the 1st game, …”

blink Seriously??


If he coached Victory then there would be no way he would have been hired for this job. This is clearly a job for mates at a bargain price and it shows


He’s got a fair point.


If or should I say when Arnold fails again with the national side. If the FFA insist on going with an Australian , Muscat is by far the best option.

His team attack with purpose and with a clear system.


Well, that’s true, isn’t it?
Better than losing a knock-out game.


Well, … I suppose, if you were arrogant enough to think you were ONLY going to lose one game for the tournament, … then sure

But I think he was referring to the Group stage, which you’d surely like to kick off with a win for confidence, and not being under psychological pressure going into the next.

Anyway, it just seemed a silly comment you say when you can’t really explain why you lost, and I got a bit EFC Robbo about it all. :wink:


Teams have lost their first game in a big tournament and still made the final and even won - Though I doubt this will happen in Australia’s case.


Utd all over Melb at the moment. Some hilarious errors costing us. Will probably fall asleep at half time.


For a player yeah sure play for one of Celtic or Sevco and get money. If you play with celtic you may even play in europe and get smashed.

From the point of a spectator, it’s the worst league in Europe.


Palestine got this


Yeah ??


Need one more not only for goal difference but to also completely kill of the contest


Currently 2-0 our way. 74 mins gone.


That should do it.


There it is baby!!! Get in!!

3rd goal, 3 points as well


Been way better in attack tonight, created, and didn’t hesitate when it was on.

Telling that Kruse was off until just a minute ago?? :thinking:


Only bummer is Sainsbury’s yellow and suspension.