Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


GD doesn’t matter. It goes by head-head first and Jordan have beaten us. We should finish second and play Uzbekistan.


Beat and draw with Syria and we’re through to the next round, lose and we’re out.


If we can pull this off, I think you guys should be giving Arnold a lot more praise than you do.


Not necessarily true, as four of the third placed teams will also go through. Used to be like that in the World Cup when they had 24 teams. Depends what happens in the other groups.


Really? They said on the coverage that the 3rd place teams that go through are based on their records against teams that finish 1st and 2nd in their groups. And seeming as we’ve lost to Jordan and in this scenario to finish 3rd would also lose to Syria, we’d be done as we’d have two loses from the teams that finished 1st and 2nd.


If we only draw with Syria then we should be allowed to beat them. I’d start with Arnold first


Seem unnecessarily complicated, but OK.


WSW blow a 3-1 lead with 11 minutes to go and lose 4-3


Couldn’t believe what I was watching. Switched on when it was 2-1 and naturally thought WSW had it in the bag at 3-1.


What a ridiculous penalty decision.

The officiating in the A-league is much much worse than the AFL. It’s a disgrace


Very open game so far. We should be one nil up, Mclaren should of scored that




awesome curling strIke


You have got to be kidding me!

How the hell do you concede within less than about 60 seconds from the kickoff after just scoring ffs


still not convince milligan is a centre back wen your playing tis team and they play 5 0 5 lol


Top goal undone a minute later. Completely switched off. Very open play all half.


Yeah baby!!!


Sigh, we are our own worst enemies



There it is! Well done rogic!


Sheez, they make you sweat. Nice slam from Rogic to finish it off.


Penalty that they should’ve gotten earlier from handball anyway. But we dominated way too much to have it be that tense at the finish.