Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


That handball on Milligan looked alot like another I saw in the A-league that wasn’t given. Arm was away from his body but because it came off Milligan it was deemed accidental? During the commentary in the A-league match Bozza made a good point on it


Goals at Suncorp this Season
MV 9
BR 7


Anyone that’s happy with our performance in this tournament so far, has got rocks in their head.

We don’t deserve to be playing in the next stage. We are on borrowed time.


We’ve been ■■■■ and we might get to the semi’s by dumb luck. Because of our seeding from the 2015 tournament we will be playing Uzbekistan (providing Japan beat them). But the 2023 will see us drawn in a harder draw.

I always want us to win, but I ■■■■■■■ hate Arnold and the FFA so much there is a tiny tiny bit of me hoping we lose. However they’ll come up with an excuse and have him take us to the 2022 WC and 2023 Asian cup


I’m not a regular soccer follower and haven’t watched these games.
But if we won 2 games how do we not deserve to be playing in the next stage? Are you saying we were lucky to win?

Or are you really saying, even though we made it through, we’re not good enough to be competitive in the next stage?


The quality of the football we played is not good enough for a reigning champions team.

All I’ve heard is celebration about scraping through the group stage against some ordinary competition. If we want to be a country of ‘just enough, is good enough’. Then we are on a pathway to nowhere.

Conceding 2 goals against a team like Syria, then getting a win on the luck of a last minute goal… sends huge alarm bells ringing.

This Socceroos team is in all sorts of trouble. The quality of coaching leadership is non-existent. There is no enthusiasm in a squad that has to cop that f*ckwit as a coach. The quality of players are diminishing year by year.

Against opposition like the group stage in an Asian Cup, we should be finishing on top of the table in a proffesional manner. Instead we scrape through in second place and now probably face Japan. We’ve simply put off the inevitable an extra week. Good luck with that.


Milligan as a central defender will never work…too many down hill skiers…

Lets face it our team is not that good so dont get too wound up lol


One thing Australia has prided it self on, regardless of the quality of players… is being structurally sound defensively.

We don’t even have that any more. I’ve seen Socceroos teams with far less quality, performing way above their weight class. Purely because they are more structurally sound.

It comes down to the quality of coaching and the current quality is sh*t-house


The only chance of him getting sacked so quickly was if we didn’t get out of the group stage

We are desperately missing any creativity in midfield


We’ve been pretty ordinary, but in reality our ordinary is better than the best a lot of Asian countries can muster.


That’s fine if we want to be good in our region but Asia is very weak and I’d love to be able to compete against the good European and South American sides more frequently.
I once had hoped this may eventuate but we have gone backwards in recent years and our cupboard looks bear in the youth department


Didn’t see how we performed but Mabil and Rogic’s strikes were class, especially Mabil’s. What do people think of him?


Lol city


I liked what I saw of him a few years back havent watched much A-League for a year or two so no idea how he is going now.


There is a guy that is doing ok in Perth, had a pretty good record for most of his time at WSW too won some trophies. I would prefer him of Muscat.


He is a little soft but has some good wheels and skills.


Talk about dumb luck.
We play Uzbekistan in the round of 16 with the chance to play either UAE or Krygyzstan to go to the semis. Jordan play Vietnam then will face either Japan or the Saudis in the quarters.


I would hate to have defend against a squad containing Mabil, Kamau and Arzani when one of them is likely to replace one of the other two.


Anyone else watching this?


This ref is already ticking me off. No way in the world was that a yellow to behich