Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Dominating possession but can’t get the goal

Can’t let this go to penalties

Kruse has done the biggest load of nothing since coming on, should have fresh legs but barely been sighted

Come on Australia I want to go to bed!

Penalties it is, just torture watching these


From what I saw we didn’t look like scoring. Very ordinary performance going forward. Looked toothless. All down to the penalty shootout now.


For about 25min in the 2nd half we looked pretty dangerous, since then it’s been a lot of possession for not much at all. We really lack that moment of quality


Sigh behich



Leckie finishes it!! We go through to the next round!!!


Super job by Matt Ryan! Two big saves from 4 pens.


So uncreative going forward for large portions, no dare. Well done Ryan on getting us through.


wtf happened to the matildas coach?

david gallop is truely the master of incompetence, no idea how he got the job at the FFA.


I suspect there were a couple of unhappy players which happens in every sporting team in the world. It seems like the coach is a tough task master which again is common in the sporting world. I am unsure that using an outside consultancy as part of the decision making process is the way to go. It’s a pity as the current team should have made the semi finals on current form.


Absolute gun.


There’s a level of intrigue about his dismissal it seems.

Somethings not being said.


saying a lot without saying very much, aren’t they? it’ll come out eventually i guess.


Wonderful pass to set up UAEs goal…shocking.


Terrible. And geez I hate Arnold…


Surprised we got as far as we did.


Will we ever not look surprised when there’s a shot set up to take,… and not panic and go early, or faff about and miss the chance?

Seems to happen 80% of the chances, … and there were so many chances created. Bluddy frustrating.


Graham Arnold


Yes, but also… Milos Degenek


Arnold and the FFA can go Fark themselves


As underwhelming an appointment to national football coach as will ever be made


In 2006 I thought this nation would climb gradually to be a very good football squad. 13 years later we have gone backwards with nothing to look forward to.