Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Yep, and we have made the same mistake TWICE!


“The only thing the future holds is hindsight & nostalgia”


Lol Graham Arnold. What a spud.


Awer Mabil’s sister was killed in a car crash in Adelaide about an hour before the Socceroos took to the field last night. Just horrible


Geez, that’s awful. How on earth was he able to play? He didn’t know by that point?


Unsure if he was told or not. Hard on the family as their mother is in Kenya and having visa issues getting here


That’s absolutely awful


Anyone know who the toxic individual in the Matildas team is. Said to be one player who ignores all instructions.

I have an unsubstantiated feeling, based on the fact that one player has had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus.


many many years ago i dated a girl who was fringe national soccer player they actually revolted didnt play for one coach cause they didnt like him lol


You broke up? Guess she wasn’t a keeper


no she was winger hard to catch sometimes lol


Smoke my pole Sydney!


Australia will continue to stagnate until the Under-Age programs produce better players - We’ve been poor at this level for nearly ten years.



Take it Graham


Actually this is a good career move for Arnold - We need more Aussie coaches aspiring to work in the European Leagues as ultimately it will help with the overall development of the game.



Typical Aussie mentality.

Take a job for money and then depart for another for money.

Going gets tough and he’s out of there😂


For all the slagging off at the coach, who may or may not be very ordinary, you put Rogic, Boyle, Mooy and Arzani in that team and you would expect them to have gone close to winning Asia again.
We haven’t the depth to cover when our better players are missing, but that doesn’t tell us where the weak link is.


He’s been there 6 months so he needs to stay and see through what he started.


Get Alen Stajcic to coach the Socceroos…wocka wocka!