Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


I disagree. Let him go to Hibs and appoint a more progressive manager. It doesn’t have to be a Domestic coach, but they at least have to get us playing positively again. There is an underwhelming, stark contrast in our playing mentality at the World Cup, where we held our own, to the Asia cup where we never in danger of completing a pass.


Take it Arnold! Then get muscat to take over the national job if you insist on going with a home grown coach


“I’m not making excuses…” Then makes excuses.

Arzani and Boyle have never played in the same team together.

Just take the Hibs job and be gone.


Wouldn’t get Muscat. Will get worked over easily at international level.

The one thing he can do well is control the egos, but most European coaches should be able to do that as well.


NO!! us Victory supporters would rather that doesn’t happen




No to Muscat. He has one of the easiest jobs in football coaching the Victory, would be found out at International level. Stump up the coin and get a proven International coach




No more Australian coaches please


Before they hired that spud Arnold, Klinnsmans name was thrown about
I thought at the time we could’ve done worse


Really? He has one of the hardest imo.ultra Demanding supporter base, biggest club in the lge. Plays an attacking style, seems to be able to bring players with big egos together to play as a unit. Seems to have very good man management skills. The amount of quality players he has lost of the last few seasons yet his team never seem to miss a beat with the guys he brings in

Popovic would be the only other option.


One of the biggest chequebooks in the A-League and easy to recruit players to Melbourne or Sydney. Coaches that can get CC, Newcastle or even Adelaide successful are the ones who deserve accolades but even then I wouldn’t have an Aussie in charge of the National team no matter who they are though. Pay the dollars and get someone with experience at the top levels of world football


I would much prefer they go for an international manager rather than home grown. But the FFA seem fixated on appointing an Australian.

If you had to choose between muscat or popovic to be national manager who would you go for?


Popovic as he has experience winning big trophies


If they were going local then Popa should have been picked before Arnold


That was following the premise of going for a home grown coach and I did not want it to be Muscat. I honestly have no idea who I would like in the role that is a realistic and viable option.


“Lucky” to make the quarters of the Asian Cup after the penalty lottery. Then the Aussies put in their best performance of the comp and were “unlucky” to lose to a defensive howler. That’s soccer I guess. Anyway, thought Arnold was a step backward at the time and results to date haven’t changed that view. If FFA (who are farked by the way / Gallop needs to go) choose an Aussie coach, Popovic gets the nod over Muscat although Muscat’s AFC CL efforts have been good too so he knows something about coaching against Asian teams.


Quite frankly MV’s efforts in the ACL have been an embarrassment to the A-League. Muscat has never got them past the round of 16 which is pretty poor considering how much of a powerhouse they have been


Qatar beat UAE 4-0 this morning. Yes, Qatar.
We couldn’t even score once against UAE…

How bad are we travelling?


Graham Arnold bad.