Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Hard to coach a team when you don’t have the cattle. Not one above average in the entire squad, except perhaps for Matt Ryan.

Reckon our expectations are way beyond reality.

Maybe Graham Arnold is a poor coach, but I doubt anyone else would have done any better. Maybe it is just not over game.


I was pretty much of the same mind set with Arzani Rogic et al all out, …

… until this.


Not sure that this game means anything.

I actually suspect that many of these games between ME countries are fixed or biased.

In any case, in my fantasy World, I reckon if soccer was our only game and kids played it, then elite players in AFL and Rugby would be elite in soccer and we would win a World Cup with K Sheedy as Manager.


I tend to agree with this.
It’s no surprise that we’re crap at soccer when the majority of talented athletes head for sports like AFL and NRL.
I’d rather the talented guys keep playing AFL rather than play soccer because AFL is simply far better to watch.

It’s nice if the socceroos win, but really I don’t lose any sleep if they lose…to anyone.


If I had a choice between Essendon winning a flag or the Socceroos winning a World Cup I would take the World Cup.


weird thing to choose between.

But I’d choose Essendon’s flag.

This should be a poll


I think we have enough talent here for AFL and Soccer to thrive but we don’t spend nearly enough money on soccer.

If we continue to attract poor coaches then we can’t honestly ever expect to improve.

If this country took soccer more seriously I think it could take over from AFL but it most likely won’t happen.


Sounds like your opinions on soccer are as woeful as your opinions on films and actors.


Opinions are like a$$holes.

They are everywhere on this forum.


Is that how that saying goes?

Close enough I guess.


Not weird at all. I have thought about the same thing and I would take the WC win too
(But only once and only because Essendon already has 16 premierships :trophy::crazy_face:).

If I had to choose between a WC win and EFC ever winning a Premiership again, it would be a different story.

I also have that same theory about how good we would be at soccer if it was the main game in Australia and AFL didn’t exist.


“…mum says not to take it out in public”


Australia will never win a World Cup, since the World Cup began in the 30s, no minnow has ever won it. Look at the teams who have won numerous times, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina ect. There’s no competing with those giants where soccer is life. Teams like Holland, Croatia and Portugal have never won it and big teams like Spain and England have only ever won it once.

There was a lot of talk at the last WC from commentators, fans and officials that if Australia could some how grab a point against France (which almost happened), then grab all the points against Peru and Denmark, (almost borderline arrogance), people need to realise that teams like Denmark and Peru have to qualify against the best teams in Europe and South America, while Australia’s only real threat in Asia is japan who aren’t that much chop. It wasn’t at all surprising when the Socceroos couldn’t take the points against those 2 teams in their group.

Australia’s focus should be to one, qualify and two, just try and be competitive. If they can get out of their group then that’s massive.


We shouldn’t try and be good, because we’re not very good right now.

What a great mindset.


And I certainly like the theory that pencilling in Denmark and Peru for results, not one of the hot favourites and eventual champsions France, was the dumb bit.


I would take an Essendon flag over even an England World Cup win. Just give me one Essendon!!!


nope, not saying that, just the reality that teams like the socceroos do not win world cups. Like I said they should aim to first make it and second try and get out their group.


Take a look who Peru has to play against to just make a world cup and you think they should be pencilling that in?


That’s exactly what they do every time. Just want to get as far as possible.
Don’t think anyone thinks they will ever win it (delusional if so).


Uruguay won 2 WC’s with a Pop of less that 2 Million. Croatia was in the final just last year with a Pop of 4 Million.

No doubt Australia could do it if the right amount of People participated and the FFA & FIFA et al put the Money and professional Coaching etc set up in place over a decade or two.