Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


… and if, as mentioned previously, AFL and the rugby codes ceased to exist.


Soccer is still the biggest sports in those countries and that Croatian team had a lot of talent in it, something the Socceroos will never have unless we get rid of AFL and rugby. Look at the size of the US pop, massive but they’ll always be making up the numbers in Soccer because of NBA and NFL


Also need to take into account that they won their first WC in 1930 (first ever WC) when there was only 13 teams competing in it. If anyone thinks Australia could win a World Cup then you probably need a reality check. Just scroll down and see all the previous winners. No minnows and no nations where soccer isn’t just a normal part of every day life.


And it was played in Uruguay.


You don’t aim to be mediocre.
You aim to be good.


Out of Peru (world rank 20), Denmark (10) and France (2)?


If we were good enough, we would have got 3 pts there, and a pt from the other two games. We weren’t. But that’s got to be the aim.

Not sure how throwing our hands in the air and saying “but they’re from South America!!!” would have helped.


Exactly right, but they’ll still never win a World Cup. being good for Australia is make it out of the group. As it should.


It’s not throwing our hands in the air and saying they’re from South America. It’s looking at the facts and seeing who Peru has to play to make a World Cup, they’re going into off the back of playing the likes of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia ect. Australia would’nt even come close to Making a World Cup if they had to go through that, so yea it’s no surprise they’ll rolled us 2 - zip.


Maybe Australia would improve if they had to face that higher level opposition on a regular basis. Remember when we were in Oceania? What did we learn playing Samoa, Fiji, etc?


Perhaps, or they could get slaughtered. Personally and its just my opinion but I couldn’t see them getting any where near it if they had to face teams like Brazil and Argentina in qualification. If they did have to face these teams on a regular basis then overtime you’d hope they would improve and be better placed to beat teams around them


20 years ago we were competing at a very high level across a range of sports.

Using the Olympics as an example, we consistently were finishing top 4 in the medals even though our population is ranked around the 50 mark or there abouts.

We could compete in the past and if we took soccer more seriously there is no reason why we couldn’t become more competitive.

We just dropped the ball and allowed other countries to outspend us.


There is a competition in the Herald Sun on Sunday to pick the name for the new Western Melbourne A-League team. Being the inquisitive person that I am, I couldn’t wait, so I did a trademark search on the IP Australia website.
Here are the ■■■■■■ alternatives to choose from:

  • Western Melbourne Athletic FC
  • Western Athletic FC
  • Western Melbourne Warriors FC
  • Westside Pride FC
  • Western United FC


■■■■ me. I hope there is an option for ‘Other’.

Imagine if/when Western Sydney Wanderers play Western Melbourne Warriors… A bit of a mouthful.

And Westside Pride is a bit… well… you know. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Peru have made one WC since the 70s and didn’t make it out of the group.

Settle the heck down.

They didn’t get in by beating Argentina et al. Either head to head or on points. There’s (edit) 10 countries in the SA confederation and they finished 5th, on goal difference - by beating superpowers like Venezuala and Paraguay.


There are only 10 counties in CONMEBOL (South America).


Personally, I prefer the Westside Massive


and Australia have only made it to 2 more cups, whats your point?

I think you are missing my point, their qualification route means they are constantly playing against stronger teams the Aus in order to make a WC, it’s fair enough to think maybe we can knock them off, but the arrogance I heard leading up to the tournament that we SHOULD beat them is ludicrous.

They still managed to get points against Paraguay, Uruguay, Columbia to make this WC and those south american teams that didn’t make the world cup would destroy the teams that are in Asia

Cold hard reality is that We will always be just making up the numbers at a world cup. History says we will never be able to compete with nations where soccer is life.

Heck we sucked balls at the asian cup where some teams are made up of guys who work 9 - 5 jobs and you think the Aussies could win a WC?


I dont mind West Melbourne Athletic


Best option of poor bunch.


Nice strawmen.


Posted your research on a facey group. Gone viral now :smiley: